Thursday, 25 August 2011

Day 18: Favorite concert?

You know, Buono! was supposed to perform at Sweden in 2009. I looked at the date at the calendar, and it would've been the day after my final paper. I considered going, but wasn't sure if it was feasible. In the end, it didn't work out.

Berryz in Bangkok! Yeah! During my spring break at that, so I could hop down back home and watch them.
Sadly, I had other commitments with friends down in Brussels. Wasn't the best time to be in Bangkok anyway, what with the red shirt protesters. Risako fans, no doubt.

Since I couldn't see Momo herself in action, I grasped at straws - and pulled out MoMusu, performing in Paris:

Travelling logistics is always something that baffles me. I came to the Expo the day of the concert itself, and that day alone.
Expo - The queue itself was loooong. I'm not exaggerating, it was Longcat level long. It snaked around a building, which turned out to warehouse where we were snaking around again, to exit a few metres from where we had entered the building - and we were still halfway through.

 First thing I did entering the expo - lined up for the MoMusu autograph queue. It was long, but I had weathered the Longcat-level queue. This one took only about an hour.
Let's see, directly in front of me were two European wota, before them were two pedobait gothlolis with their mums, and then a few Japanese wota slightly more in front.
The Japanese seemed to not get lucky with the lucky draw, which is good news for me since that slightly increases the possibility of missing blanks. Some left, swearing.
The Gothloli #1 gets lucky. Alright slightly decreased chances for me. Gothloli #2 - not so lucky. However, she uses her mum's ticket, and scores.
Next guy gets a ticket.
The guy after him takes out a ticket with a photo. He misses - and then for some reason, gets another try. Like, WTF? Fairness much? And obviously he gets a ticket.
So here's your hero, with 4 people having got lucky. Which meant that I had to get lucky, since I only had one chance.
Whispered a little prayer, put my hand in the box, picked a piece of paper, dropped it, and pulled out the next piece I grabbed.

I am luckymaster!

I got to meet all the MoMusu girls, and I cherish the memory of LinLin answering my 'Wo Ai Ni' with one of her own, walking away with a signed Genki Pika Pika concert book.

As for the concert itself, it's kind of a blur. Some people take in every detail of a concert. I'm not one of them - I tend to get into the mood, sing along, join in the wota chants - of which there weren't many joining in.
I remember opening with Moonlight Night. I remember the muddling of Happy Birthday for Sayu. I remember the long ass session with Yuko. I remember singing along at the end of of Koko ni Iruzee. I remember joining in the encore call and getting How Do You Like This Japan. Totally appropriate, being in the Japan Expo and all.

And I know this: I had a great time. All in all, I wouldn't mind doing it again. Would be better if it was Berryz, greater if it was Buono!. Realistically, I should start small and aim for AKB's Singapore theaters.
But what I wouldn't give to be part of the crowd again, cheering for my beloved idols.

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