Monday, 15 August 2011

Day 8: Your favorite voice?

"Everything you need to know the voice
Kyun tto suruisshun no koi ga
Kagayaku houseki mitai ni tsuzuku nara"
- Perfume's Voice, one of my favourite PVs. But we're here to talk about H!P, aren't we.
And my favourite voice award goes to:
Suzuki Airi!

No doubts in my mind about this one. She floored me with her performace of 'Aa Koi' from Shocking Live:

She's always been excellent in my book, but that performance knocked my socks off. Her recent performance of 'Memory Seishun no Hikari' is another excellent performance from Airi.

Doesn't help that Airi's solos before that tend to be pretty unmemorable - Tsuugaku Vector is merely decent, Yes All My Family is boring, and I actually had to look up her Buono! lead, You're My Friend. Given that I remember I Need You and can actually spell Shoushitsuten Vanishing Point, it shows you how weak Airi's solos get. Oh, I guess Shock's memorable, if only for being a single.

But I've yet to be disappointed with any of Airi's performances in the past two years.

Momo's pretty high up in the list. I had to bring her up somehow, eh?
But she seems to be given songs that don't necessarily take full advantage of her vocal ability. Her recent performance of 'Momoiro Kataomoi' showcases this. I agree that if anyone can pull it off, it'd be Momo. But to see her talent limited to Momoiro Kataomoi, a fairly easy song vocally. The main strength of the song, which is engaging the audience, she pulled off admirably. But I'd have loved to see her do a ballad.

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