Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Ogawa Saki to graduate from S/mileage

So I wake up, open Google Reader. First thing I see is news that Ogawa Saki will be graduating. This Saturday. As I read, I realised that it wasn't just someone trolling.

So, the only member of S/mileage I care about is graduating.

As short notice as it is, I'm happy that it seems to be on her own terms. In a way, I'm happy for her. She got further than most eggs did, toughed it out, and made her own decision to leave. That last part is never an easy choice to make. The constant eyebags under her eyes may have been a sign.
I haven't watched their concerts after May, so I can't tell how she performed as an idol after she made her decision. With all her effort, like any idol would, I assume. There seems to be no trace of her giving up in the Uchouten Love PV.

Tsunku's mention of her abandoning her work partway seems a bit snide. But one can understand - her talent was still developing, and to let her go before she comes into full bloom would be pretty disappointing for a guy so used to nurturing such talents.

The members sound like they've known  that she was leaving, and only now have had a chance to voice their thoughts. I kinda understand why the members of S/mileage seemed so unhappy with the news of the new members - their announcement meant that Sakitty would be nearing her graduation.

It seems a bit of a wasted opportunity that they couldn't have a proper graduation concert, given that they could at least have planned some sort of special S/mileage live, only revealing why it was special later. Heck, you could even say it was for the new members. After all, this is S/mileage's first graduation. Maybe Sakitty wanted it that way - who knows?

I'm saddened by the fact that she's choosing to stop any idol activities, but at least it's her own decision. At least she wasn't taken out on the pretense of having a medical illness and unceremoniously booted out. And possibly, just like Kanna, she might just come back to the idol world.
Still, reading her announcements, doesn't sound likely. Only time will tell.

Sakitty, all the best to you in the future, in your life as a normal teenager. 

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