Thursday, 11 August 2011

Day 4: If the Idol was a boy, who would be your boyfriend?

Hmm, unlike the previous question, this one doesn't come with a suggestion that we'd be opposite gender. So there are two ways to interpret boyfriend if you're a guy:
(i) guy you hang out with
(ii) man-on-man action

Between those choices, I'm going with (i). And as a guy, the H!P prospect that I'd hang with would be Okai Chisato.

From Okai-chan Neru

To me, I always thought of Chissa as being the most tomboyish of the Kids. I remember her as being very impish, pulling pranks on the others.
And some time between then, she started blossoming into a lovely young lady. I believe she started coming into the scene some time after her 2nd solo event.
Then she went and developed a web presence, hosting Okai-chan Neru and the fairly successful Odotte Mita.

One of the Okai-chan Neru was in the heat of the World Cup, and Chissa was professing her support for the Japanese team. I have quite a lot of respect for the Japan team, scoring goals from free kicks while being surrounded by enormous Europeans.

So yeah, Chissa. We'd play a bit of footie, then chill by playing videogames while having crisps. Sounds good to me. Man-on-man action might ensue, but that'll be quite a development into the future

The common answers seem to be Maimi or Yossie, and I'd probably have gone for the latter had I taken interpretation (ii) of BF. Stems from having read Shining Musume.

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