Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Day 10: Your favorite Egg (including graduated)?

Now, I don't know a lot of Eggs. Kanna, Lin Lin, JunJun I think of as members of their respective groups.
Arai Manami was the first to come to mind, the lone meganekko of H!P. She's now in UKFZ, skinnier and sans megane. Do not really want.

Who else? Kikka, Mano, Kitahara Sayaka I know more as soloists (or Milky Way).
Sekine Azusa acted in a play with Berryz, Berrys vs Berrys.
Mori Saki's a big Momoko wota.
Miyamoto Karin's the token loli.
There's S/mileage - as well as the new girls, Meimi, Akari, and someone else?
Okai Asuna was just Chisato's sister.
Saho Akari was in Shugo Chara Egg, which is basically S/mileage minus.
Checking Generasia for any names I missed, it's Sengoku Minami who starred in the Berryz play. As a robot who joined Berryz, and sarted cloning them.

But yeah, that's a quick list of who I remember.
Excepting this one - Noto Arisa.

Nocchi (or Ari, as she calls herself) first came into my attention when she appeared alongside Momoko and Ishikawa Rika in DougaDouga7, which was supposed to be this Japanese otaku digest. Last I checked, it had degenerated into a series featuring Nocchi. Tbh, the series didn't seem to be that successful anyway, and the other two probably drifted away, being able to procure more money working other things.

But I digress. Nocchi seemed at least a true otaku rather than acting as one. There was an interview with some people involved in producing Gundam anime, and she seemed pretty knowledgeable. She's also produced her own doujinshi, though non-hentai I believe.

She's basically ended up as an Akiba, anime-type idol, selling mini albums with her own written lyrics. I've heard them, and they're alright for the most part.

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