Monday, 8 August 2011

Day 1: Your Favourite Idol

My favourite idol? That's easy - the one and only Tsugunaga Momoko!
From Momo's 4th PB - Momochiii
IMO her best PB

I think it was Satoda Mai who stated that Momo was the perfect idol. And it's hard to disagree with that.

She's got a great voice - think she hits high E in Gag 100kai. And she isn't just about the high notes thanks to her voice: she can pull off ballads as well. Aa! Merry Go Round is another great example.

Her personality as an idol is top notch as well. It's kinda like she read the textbook on how to be an idol, majored in being a burikko, and rewrote the textbook. One of the segments of her radio show has her reading out over-the-top reactions to questions. Fun responses that require her to crank her idolness up to 11.

To be honest, her shameless 'I'm cute!' self promotion has been a bit overboard recently. It does builds on her ijirare kyara aspect, I suppose. But taking everything else she brings to the table - she's still my number 1.

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