Monday, 29 August 2011

Day 22: Your favorite Costume?

I'm not particular about my costumes. Most H!P concert costumes are pretty shite anyway.
The first one that comes to mind are these - the newspaper-themed costumes from the Berryz Times concert.

Sourced from Purple Sky Magazine

It's pretty difficult to get a photo with all of them together in that outfit, simply because the official goods don't have that outfit as a group set photo. So had to look at the Sakura-con coverage, where I was sure they had worn the same outfits.

I'll let the lovely Kumai Yurina model a clearer picture of the costume:

Honourable mention goes to their Medachitai costume. No, not the fish costume, although those were pretty interesting.

My first impression of that performance? Wow, they've actually figured out how to dress Maasa.

Berryz is an orthodox idol group. But looks wise, Maasa generally doesn't seem to fit.
I guess dressing girls like Momo, Saki, and the rest aren't too difficult. Well, Miya probably is - when you start out with perfection, you can only go downhill from there.
But Maasa has always been the recipient of dresses that never seem to suit her. But this one - ah. It fit the theme, yet was very understated compared to the other girls. The sash in the middle gives her a more mature look. And her lovely black hair is let down, creating a very mature, mysterious, suggestive look. Hell yeah.

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