Friday, 12 August 2011

Day 5: Favorite Group?

B-U-O-N-O Let's Go!

Buono was formed just slightly after I was starting to get into Idols - specifically Berryz Kobo.
Their first few songs were pretty generic anime music.
What got me hooked was their first album, Cafe Buono! Buono! 2 is arguably their best album by far, but Cafe Buono! had its standouts - actually, looking at the tracklist, only two non-singles don't appeal to me.
Rottara Rottara won me over, and once I saw them in a concert performing with an effing live band! - well, I was hooked. and Take It Easy are black spots in my memory, but Buono!'s always remained a top notch group in my mind.

Having peeked at tomrrow's question, it got me questioning whether Buono! is a unit or a group. I'm saying group, as they've lasted for several years and have come up with several albums.
Still, I'd give a shoutout to the group that got me seriously into Idols - Berryz Kobo. Here's them in the first music video that caught my attention: Special Generation.

Interestingly, this photo seems to almost miss out on the big three of Berryz
You can barely see Miya at the end there

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