Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Day 16: Favorite S/mileage member?

Easy. The lovely little Sakitty:

Miyamoto Karin might've been a contender, but she didn't get in.
I'm not the most enthusiastic fan of S/mileage. I like their songs, but the personality of group feels somewhat lacking. Idol group with the shortest skirts? Their name comes from 'Smile' and 'Mileage'? I can understand 'Smile', but not 'Mileage'.
Their declaration of wanting to be the best dance group irked me a bit. Say not of the Korean groups - they haven't got to the level of their seniors, C-ute yet. Though I guess they have done a collaboration concert.

So yes, Sakitty. Possibly the least idol-like of the group. Why her? I'm of the opinion that she's got the best voice in S/mileage.

I'll admit it was high pitched. But hey, Very Beauty is a difficult song. The simplicity of the instruments forces the singer to work with very little margin of error.
And sitting down while trying to hit that tricky first note - that shows confidence.
With her high pitch, you can see that she's trying her best with a difficult song. I can barely remember what her fellow S/mileage compatriots sang in the same concert.

There was that marching band song as well, where the rest of S/mileage played second fiddle to Sakitty and the Oha Girls. That was a good song as well.

One minus about Sakitty - she always seems to have bags under her eyes in single photos. Get some sleep girl!

Regarding the new S/mileage sub-members, I'll reserve my judgement until I see them in action.

Oh, and Miyamoto Karin would've been perfect for S/mileage. She was the only one who seemed to have enough potential to be a threat to the existing members.
Even if she does make it through to MoMusu 10th gen, I fear that she'll be squashed by the seniors. Even if she does get put forward, it'll feel more like a management push. Had she been in S/mileage, she'd automatically be kick ass and we'd expect her to naturally move forward.

Oh well, we'll just have to wait to see how she does if she gets into MoMusu. And see if she's the miracle that will bring MoMusu back to its lofty heights.

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