Friday, 20 June 2014

The Tsugunaga Constitution: Article 11 - 30 (6 articles)

{Whole list is here, and previous summary is here}

11条 シャーペンの芯は、1本ずつ入れる
Article 11: For mechanical pencils, put in one piece of lead at a time

15条 ショートケーキは、苺を一番はじめに食べる
Article 15: When eating a shortcake, start with the strawberry

17条 切符は日付が書いてあるほうに穴を空ける
Article 17: On tickets, have the hole punched where the date is written

24条 嗣永桃子のことを大人という
Article 24: Tsugunaga Momoko is an adult

27条 バンドエードは、バンソーコーエード
Article 27: Band-aids are bansoko-aids ('bansoko' = band-aid)

30条 ☆みかんの皮はキレイに星型にむけるように努力する☆
Article 30: ☆ Make an effort to neatly peel an orange's skin in a star shape ☆


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