Saturday, 14 June 2014

The Tsugunaga Constitution: Article 00 - 10 (7 articles)

If you follow me on Twitter or Tumblr (or noticed the link in the sidebar), there's a chance you might have seen me post the articles of the Tsugunaga Constitution.
I'm currently aiming for one article a day, but I thought I wouldn't clutter up this blog with what amounts to a one-liner
Instead, I'll be doing summary posts instead. These posts might include some extras I can scrounge up.
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Note that there are gaps in the articles. I guess the great Momochi didn't share them with us, so that it would lighten the burden on us fans who'll be trying our best to live up to them.

So, on with the Constitution.

00条 誰かの誕生日には、0:00にメールを送る
Article 00: On someone’s birthday, send them a message at 12:00 midnight

1条 テストの点は聞くな
Article 1: Do not ask about test results

2条 緑茶は「みどり茶」と読め
Article 2: Read green tea (ryokucha) as "green" tea (midori-cha)

3条 「少なめ」のことは「小盛り」と言え
Article 3: Refer to "sukuname" (a small serving) as "Komori" ( a small serving lit. small helping)

4条 頑張るときは自分の名前にパワーを付けて使う
Article 4: When you have to do your best, append the word 'power' to your own name.

See Natsuyaki Miyabi put the 4th article into practice:

8条 たこ焼きは、たこと生地、別々に食べる
Article 8: When eating takoyaki, eat the octopus and batter separately

10条 ジュースに氷を入れない
Article 10: Don't put ice in juice

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