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I was one of the last 100 remaining in 2002's Hello! Pro Kids Audition. Any questions?

1: 名無しさん 2014/03/29(土)06:36:29 ID:eEBEcNVO2
At the 2002 Hello! Pro Kids Audition、 I got through to the 3rd judging stage。 I believe that by the 3rd judging stage、299 people remained from 30,000 applicants。 Go ahead if you have any questions。
I'm sorry if I'm getting anything wrong、 I'm new to 2ch…。
2: 1 2014/03/29(土)06:37:05 ID:eEBEcNVO2
The scope of what I'll talk about will be behind-the-scenes stories concerning the auditions。

3: 名無しさん 2014/03/29(土)06:42:19 ID:Wjvku1Rxi
'I got to the third stage at best, any questions?' How condescending
The epitome of a misleading woman, it makes me laugh
4: 1 2014/03/29(土)06:44:14 ID:eEBEcNVO2
I apologise。As a beginner to 2ch 、I thought that 2ch had something like an 「~any questions?」 template。
By the way, I'd like to mention that the stage after the third was the final stage、so saying that it was 'third stage at best' makes me sad。
5: 名無し募集中。。。 2014/03/29(土)06:50:48 ID:ipu7LNvJv
Was there anyone in the present members who left an impression?
6: 1 2014/03/29(土)06:54:00 ID:eEBEcNVO2

Thank you for your response。 Since I was wondering whether I should just let this thread get deleted、 your response makes me happy。

The ones that left an overwhelming impression on me were Hagiwara Mai-san、 and Murakami Megumi。
I was gathered together in the same room as the present members of ℃-ute-san and Berryz Kobo、 but the cuteness of those two was overwhelming。
Also、 Natsuyaki Miyabi-san had a presence of her own。
Hagiwara Mai-san was together with her older sister、 and her older sister was really cute as well。 lol
7: 名無し募集中。。。 2014/03/29(土)07:22:13 ID:ipu7LNvJv
Did you meet Tsunku♂? Like in an interview
10: 1 2014/03/29(土)07:29:57 ID:eEBEcNVO2

I didn't get to meet with Tsunku♂-san。 It seems like Tsunku♂-san only made an appearance at the final judgement。 At the 3rd stage, men in suits told us to line up in a row、 and those guys listened to us sing。
8: 名無しさん 2014/03/29(土)07:22:52 ID:Oto8J0M3G
What did you do for the audition?
Singing, dancing, or idle chatter?
10: 1 2014/03/29(土)07:29:57 ID:eEBEcNVO2

They didn't judge our dancing at the time。 They judged our singing、 they peered at the alignment of our teeth、 and we were asked to raise our bangs so that they could inspect our foreheads。
9: 名無しさん 2014/03/29(土)07:26:43 ID:0MGEs7x78
That's great!
And、 could you please hide theID lol
11: 1 2014/03/29(土)07:31:56 ID:eEBEcNVO2

Thank you very much!
I'm really computer illiterate、 so I set up this thread without knowing at all how to hide the IDs。 I should have looked it up…。 My apologies。
13: 名無しさん 2014/03/29(土)08:18:53 ID:ipu7LNvJv
She might've been nervous so it's all good
It would be great if you could talk about what strong impressions you were left with
17: 1 2014/03/29(土)10:40:03 ID:eEBEcNVO2

Thank you very much ><! At any rate, I'm still inexperienced with2ch…。
I got it。 I'll write all sorts of things about that time。
18: 1 2014/03/29(土)10:48:13 ID:eEBEcNVO2
Based on the advice from >>13 -san 、 I'll look back at that time and write about it。

At the time I was a fourth year primary schooler and a huge fan of MoMusu。 and the purpose of my life was to collect MoMusu。 cards and badges。
Goto Maki-san and Ishikawa Rika-san were my favourites、 and I dreamed that 'Someday, I'll stand on the same stage as the two of them!'
That's when I found out about the Hello! Pro Kids audition。 The caption at that time was something like 「Taking applications for MoMago。」。 {Trans: Mago being grandchild, in contrast to Musume (daughter)}
At the first stage they didn't check our documents、 you'd just go directly to the venue for the judging process、 so I persuaded my parents to bring me along to the Tokyo Big Sight。
Almost 30, 000 primary schoolers were at Tokyo Big Sight to take the examination、 so I can clearly remember thinking 「You'd expect nothing less from MoMago。!」 LOL
12: 名無しさん 2014/03/29(土)08:08:32 ID:Oto8J0M3G
Did you apply yourself?
Or was it through your parents?
17: 1 2014/03/29(土)10:40:03 ID:eEBEcNVO2

I applied myself! And then I had to persuade my parents to bring me along to Tokyo Big Sight for the first stage lol
I can still remember clearly that at the time、  they were taking applications  through TV, mentioning something on the lines of 「Become a MoMago。」。

14: 名無しさん 2014/03/29(土)08:24:19 ID:z8HM8Rp0j
It's amazing that you got to the end
But they inspect your forehead lolol
17: 1 2014/03/29(土)10:40:03 ID:eEBEcNVO2

The forehead inspection wasn't just for a moment either、 they scrutinised it lol
I heard this a lot later、 but it seems that for idols, the forehead is pretty important。
By the way, for Star●Du●t (a certain large entertainment agency)、 it seems that the first thing they do is draw a line on the photos that come on the resume、 to see if the ratio from the peak of the forehead to the eyebrows: from the eyebrows to the end of the nose: from the bottom of the nose  to the chin =  1:1:1。
15: 名無し募集中。。。 2014/03/29(土)08:41:27 ID:qz7hgrNRJ
Say you had been the 16th Hello! Pro Kid
Did you think up any famous statements comparable to 「Aren't there things like marathons?」{Nacky} or 「Tsunku or something came and it was fun」 {MaiMai}?
16: 名無し募集中。。。 2014/03/29(土)08:58:49 ID:GbL3H18jO
You mean that you didn't think nksk was anything special lol
17: 1 2014/03/29(土)10:40:03 ID:eEBEcNVO2
>> 15 >>16

I never thought of it at all lololol
Not just Nakajima-san, but the 15 people who remained by the final screening and passed、 how would you put it, all of them (though I can't remember all of them)were kids who , despite only being at primary school age, could put themselves forward and appeal、 and I had to acknowledge that at the time, even though that apparent difference between us made me uncomfortable
How would you put it、 it's like there's something that acts as an indicator of a person's idol-ness、though I can't find the right word for it、 but the successful ones had something that went over and beyond。 It was something that even my primary school self understood。 I guess it's in their nature。
19: 名無し募集中。。。 2014/03/29(土)10:54:52 ID:ipu7LNvJv
Ahー I think I saw that video somewhere
I had no idea that there was such an audition at the time
But the influence of Musume。 was staggeringー
21: 1 2014/03/29(土)10:57:42 ID:eEBEcNVO2

The influence of Musume。 was immense!! In primary school, we did things like make-believe Musume。、and we competed for who could become one of the popular members、 like who'd be Gomaki, or Kago-chan lol
Also、 the person who had the most cards became a celebrity, so an enigmatic pecking order came about amongst my friends lolol
20: 1 2014/03/29(土)10:55:02 ID:eEBEcNVO2
And、 at the 1st stage、 I sang Minihams no Ai no Uta (desperately)。 Since 30,000 people were trying out、 I couldn't do anything but sing。
We had to wait for about 6 hours for them to announce the successful candidates。 At that time, I thought 'This is hard on my heart!'。 After 6 hours、 they put up our numbers on a notice board、 and I found my number、 which led me to the 2nd stage。 By the way、 the roughly 30,000 people from the first stage had been whittled down to about 1000 people。
22: 1 2014/03/29(土)11:00:57 ID:eEBEcNVO2
The second stage ended without anything unusual happening、 and we had to wait a few days for the results of the second stage。
Later、 a postcard with 「information on the third judging stage」 written on it arrived at my home。
The venue for the third stage was at the studio of TV Tokyo、 so I got conceited and was like 「Wouldn't you think it、 I could be a MoMago。?!」 I still remember it clearly lolol
23: 1 2014/03/29(土)11:06:13 ID:eEBEcNVO2
At the venue for the third stage, there was a waiting room for our guardians、 and we waited there for our turn to be judged。
Well、there were tons of extremely cute girls。 Also、 there were lots of girls who had dyed hair lol

Among them、 diagonally ahead of me we was an extremely cute girl。 Cute to the level that I felt like I was utterly defeated。 That was Hagiwara Mai。
Her cuteness had me wondering if she wasn't really a doll。 Even more, there was a person who seemed to be her older sister next to her! Even her sister was cute…。
24: 名無しさん 2014/03/29(土)11:09:24 ID:iow4cRm6e
We're supporting you
Do your best
25: 1 2014/03/29(土)11:12:27 ID:eEBEcNVO2

Thank you very much!!

At the judging、 we had to show our foreheads and our teeth、 and then、 sing。
Well, since there was a line of scary-faced older men、I was beyond nervous、 and felt like I would faint。
Which reminds me、 they also interviewed our guardians。 My parents were asked things like 「Are there any birthmarks that haven't disappeared since birth that we can't currently see?」。
Also、 it felt like they wanted to stop us from withdrawing if we advanced to the next stage、 since we had to sign and use our family seals to stamp a sort of written oath。
26: 名無しさん 2014/03/29(土)11:17:16 ID:Oto8J0M3G
I hear that they look at the spines for sumo wrestlers
Looks like it's the same for idols (How appropriate)
30: 1 2014/03/29(土)11:26:56 ID:eEBEcNVO2

Doesn't it! Though that's the first time I've heard that! I'm currently in my 3rd year of university、 but although I like sumo、 I've got to study up on it lol (How appropriate)
27: カラフルハロプロ。。。 ◆ozroYcuHhTV. 2014/03/29(土)11:18:02 ID:FGNyURMk5
This thread is becoming popular
It was the right choice to set it up with IDs

The legendary wise words that MaiMai-san left behind at the time
'Tsunku or something came and it was fun'

30: 1 2014/03/29(土)11:26:56 ID:eEBEcNVO2

I'm honoured to hear you say that!
Wellー she's so cute… But the real thing was about 3 times cuter than that! She had a feeling of etherealness that was different from the norm。

28: カラフルハロプロ。。。 ◆ozroYcuHhTV. 2014/03/29(土)11:20:26 ID:FGNyURMk5
They even checked out your the alignment of your teeth
That's unexpected, given the large number of Hello! members who have teeth issues
I guess that isn't enough of a negative factor
30: 1 2014/03/29(土)11:26:56 ID:eEBEcNVO2

Well said!
It really is as you say!My analysis is that possibly、 the forehead might have be emphasised more than  the alignment of our teeth。


At that third judging round、 I got passed over、 but the next stage was the final judgement。 The 15 who remained later became the members of ℃-ute and Berryz Kobo。

I was in the 4th year of primary school the day I found out I had failed at the third stage, and I cried。

But after that、they televised a feature on the Hello! Pro Kids Audition on Haromoni、 I remember coolly thinking 「So I'm not one of the remaining 15」。  I didn't have any negative thoughts。
How would you say this、 I felt like I understood that all 15 were primary schoolers who had something of their own to show。 I think that I couldn't show something like that even if I had got a reply letting me in to the final judging round
In my case、 I had nothing but spirit、 I sang without knowing anything、  I had my forehead on display (rest omitted)  That was how it was、 and by the time I realised it, the judging had already ended lol
29: 名無し募集中。。。 2014/03/29(土)11:26:21 ID:ipu7LNvJv

「Talking about the behind-the-scenes of the Hello! Pro Kids audition。Buono! Tsugunaga Momoko & Natsuyaki Miyabi & Suzuki Airi」
It's a pretty interesting story
31: 1 2014/03/29(土)11:29:16 ID:eEBEcNVO2

That's the first time I've heard that! It was interesting!
Thank you very much for putting that up。
32: 1 2014/03/29(土)11:32:37 ID:eEBEcNVO2
Ah、 that reminds me、 roughly around the second judging stage、 we were asked to do a one-shot gag。

At any rate、 I mimicked a certain entertainer and did 3 in a row。 From their response, the examiners seemed to be entertained but all I got was an 「All right、 thank you very much」 lol
33: 名無しさん 2014/03/29(土)11:36:01 ID:Oto8J0M3G
You could have been in here

34: 1 2014/03/29(土)11:41:14 ID:eEBEcNVO2

Ah、 how adorable…。 I seriously think that。 Assembling these 15 people was a miracle…!
At the time、I had received quite a shock at the time from being rejected、 but I don't really feel jealous at all, and I'm cheering all of them on (At present)
I've watched ZYX and Aa! live (lol) I also went to watch Koinu Dan no Monogatari…

35: 名無しさん 2014/03/29(土)11:42:22 ID:Oto8J0M3G
One-shot gags, huh?・・
Since it was 2002, did you mimic mad-cow disease?

36: 1 2014/03/29(土)11:47:22 ID:eEBEcNVO2

This is a serious thread、 and such a high-brow gag (?) would've been difficult for a 4th year primary schooler lol
Sanpei-san was the rage at the time、 so I mainly mimicked Sanpei-san、 and I also mimicked Antonio Inoki-san and Akashiya Sanma-san。
Thinking about it now, none of them were really funny gags。
By the way, Okai Chisato-san also mimicked Sanpei-san。

37: 名無しさん 2014/03/29(土)11:52:05 ID:Oto8J0M3G
Oh! Mimicking Inoki!
Did you know of the Inoki poetry anthology 「Baka ni nare!」? {Trans: Become an idiot}
39: 1 2014/03/29(土)11:56:59 ID:eEBEcNVO2

I've heard of the title! My dad's a big fan of Inoki (lol) But I haven't read it。

38: 名無しさん 2014/03/29(土)11:52:38 ID:TCNj3QWAP
Too awesome lol

39: 1 2014/03/29(土)11:56:59 ID:eEBEcNVO2

Since I'm useless for anything besides recollection、 I can still remember things clearly from that time (lol) Thank you for your response。

40: 名無しさん 2014/03/29(土)12:01:39 ID:Oto8J0M3G
Once an idiot、 always an idiot
Once embarrassed、 always embarrassed
Writing and writing and writing with embarrassment、 it shows itself when it's bared
Looking at my true self、 I laugh at my true self too
That's the extent of how idiotic I've become!

Has your father introduced you to this one

43: 1 2014/03/29(土)12:09:25 ID:eEBEcNVO2

I just sent my father that passage on becoming an idiot, asking him 'Do you recognise these words?'、 and upon reading it, he replied「Oh! I'm familiar with it! Inoki's such a god」  (lol)
I'm sure 40-san and my father would get along lolol

41: 名無しさん 2014/03/29(土)12:03:25 ID:lXRSAzARV
Did you try out any other auditions after that?
43: 1 2014/03/29(土)12:09:25 ID:eEBEcNVO2

After that、 I was told that we would receive an exemption for the 1st judging stage for the Hello! Pro Eggs、 but I didn't take the offer up in the end。 Although、 I didn't take part in any auditions other than for the Hello! Pro Kids。
Occasionally I'd be scouted while walking in town、 but in the end I never took that step forward。
I guess that what suited my nature the most was to be a Hello! wota (lol)

42: 名無しさん 2014/03/29(土)12:04:27 ID:aohh0Hs8D
I read through everything you wrote but you went through the audition
For your beloved Morning Musume。and almost won through 
So I guess you were just as depressed but you accepted calmly that you were lacking
I think that your strength to face yourself and your objectivity is amazing
And after that, your tender and honest feelings were not of jealousy towards the Kids, but you cheered them on instead。
I hope that the course of your life from now on will be blessed。

44: 1 2014/03/29(土)12:13:36 ID:eEBEcNVO2

Such wonderful words… Thank you very much!
From the start、I was thinking that I'd never really talked about the behind-the-scenes of my auditioning experience, so I put up this thread、 but having received such wonderful words from 42-san、 it makes me both grateful and happy。
Currently、 I'm at the stage of life where I've decided on the route of being a 3rd year university student、 but now I feel really uplifted!
And I'll continue to be a Hello! wota!

45: 名無し募集中。。。 2014/03/29(土)12:14:19 ID:ipu7LNvJv

46: 1 2014/03/29(土)12:17:34 ID:eEBEcNVO2

I watched the recording when it was originally aired、 but the video tape went missing somewhere、 so I'm glad to watch it again。
Thank you very much for putting them up!

47: 名無しさん 2014/03/29(土)12:25:14 ID:Oto8J0M3G
Your father's wonderful lolol
I've got no doubts that 1-san is also a wonderful young lady
I feel that the current mood is
「Cómo estás to the feeling of happiness!」

51: 1 2014/03/29(土)12:52:32 ID:eEBEcNVO2

Thank you very much lolol
I just asked my dad 'What's「Cómo estás to the feeling of happiness!」?'、 and he was like 「Youー know、 it's Inoki! You've got to study up more on Inoki」 lolol

48: 名無しさん 2014/03/29(土)12:29:12 ID:lXRSAzARV
Thanks for the reply!
When you watched the début of the successful applicants that made up the Kids, what did you feel was the toughest thing they had to face?

51: 1 2014/03/29(土)12:52:32 ID:eEBEcNVO2

Thank you very much for your reply as well!
I think was the toughest thing was probably the lessons。 I watched the dance and singing lessons they had on television、 and I seriously wondered 「Could I have worked as hard…?」。
I have no idea whether or not I would have had the drive to pull myself up had I been scolded at lessons。
Also、 in the world of entertainment、 a friend of mine who works as an AD mentioned that the relationships and hierarchies are really strict、 so at primary school age、 entering into the sea of the entertainment world、 I've wonder if  'Would I be able to do it?'、 since it does seem difficult。
Thinking of it from that aspect、 I truly respect the Kids。

49: 名無し募集中。。。 2014/03/29(土)12:32:55 ID:ipu7LNvJv
So you had the possibility of becoming an Egg
Life could have gone any other way lol

So do you go to live performances now?
I guess your oshis are definitely Berryz and ℃-ute

51: 1 2014/03/29(土)12:52:32 ID:eEBEcNVO2

That's rightー >< I think that the timing counts for a lot in life。

I've only gone to see them a few times、 but recently really I've been getting into J=J、 so I'm thinking that I might slowly participate in handshake events from now on!
On my oshis、 I love all of them、 but I oshi ℃-ute in particular!  I love Nakajima-san。 lol

50: 名無しさん 2014/03/29(土)12:36:23 ID:Oto8J0M3G
If you like pro-wrestling, you should try MomoClo
51: 1 2014/03/29(土)12:52:32 ID:eEBEcNVO2

I think my friend said that as well… (lol) For me、 rather than MomoClo or any other idol group、 I'll resolutely be a Hello! Pro oshi! lol

52: 名無しさん 2014/03/29(土)13:01:11 ID:TCNj3QWAP
Tell us about other members who left an impression among the current Hello! members
53: 1 2014/03/29(土)13:06:36 ID:eEBEcNVO2

The others who left an impression were Sudo-san and Yajima-san。
The both of them had beautiful eyes、 and they had this amazing, overwhelming (?)  feeling。 At the time they had this all-out cheerfulness。

I can't remember much about the others。 My apologies…。

54: 名無し募集中。。。 2014/03/29(土)13:16:37 ID:ipu7LNvJv
From the thread title, I wouldn't have imagined such a straightforward and frank young lady rofl
55: 1 2014/03/29(土)13:32:20 ID:eEBEcNVO2

Straightforward and frank, you say…  Using such words for me… Thank you very much!!
I was really worried about how to pull of the thread title、 but it's a pretty horrible title…lol I regret it。

56: 名無しさん 2014/03/29(土)15:26:37 ID:lXRSAzARV
I guess 1-san's not around

Getting to the 3rd stage and being scouted even now, objectively your looks should be excellent
But when you applied for the audition, did you have confidence that you'd be picked?

I apologise if this sounds like a mean-spirited question、 but it's rare to get the opportunity to ask the true feelings of someone who took the audition and advanced to a good spot, so could you tell us

59: 1 2014/03/29(土)18:34:41 ID:pBUP7ksdq

Honestly speaking, I didn't really have confidence at the audition。
I guess the examiners saw through me。
Objectively going through how I look, parts of me are large, so I think I wouldn't suit being an entertainer。
My friends often take the opportunity to say that I'm cute、 but whether or not I'm at an entertainer's level is another question。
It's hardly mean-spirited。 Just getting a response makes me glad。

57: 名無しさん 2014/03/29(土)18:22:15 ID:OSfWPsQHv
It's compiled on ℃-ute ha nan-day {a matome site} lololol

This is a godly thread lol
59: 1 2014/03/29(土)18:38:04 ID:pBUP7ksdq

I'm surprised that it's been compiled in a matome site! Thank you very much。
58: 名無し募集中。。。 2014/03/29(土)18:33:47 ID:bIOQcE6tn
Isn't it thanks to my influence that it was put up into a matome lol
It feels like that's the Ookami style of a welcome greeting 

60: 1 2014/03/29(土)18:38:04 ID:pBUP7ksdq

Well well、 since the thread title was undoubtedly horrible, it's completely fine。
More than anything, I should be the one welcoming you instead。

61: 名無し募集中。。。 2014/03/29(土)18:48:48 ID:ipu7LNvJv
It moves me to be able to have a conversation that kind of ”binds us (just a little) across time and space” {TokiSora reference}
Between you who could have been an oshimen of a person who could have supported you
This old man is gross lol
63: 1 2014/03/29(土)20:40:33 ID:V9F0Ca0wB

That expression is both timely and well done!
Having set up such a thread、 being able to talk on a topic which is a common interest with everyone、 that makes me happy too。
By the way, I'm thinking of buying the new Musume。 song (lol)

62: 名無しさん 2014/03/29(土)19:01:52 ID:lXRSAzARV
Thanks again
Ehー、 so you weren't really brimming with confidence, like「I'll brace myself!」, and you weren't aiming to be an entertainer
Can't you become an entertainer if certain parts of you are large? Just thinking simply、 even if your eyes or nose or mouth are large, you'd be a Kikuchi Ami type, definitely something you wouldn't normally be able to find on the streets
63: 1 2014/03/29(土)20:40:33 ID:V9F0Ca0wB

No, no, the same applies here as well!
I think it was just like that。 I don't have the relentless personality to be an entertainer (lol)
My eyes are big, but I think that above all, my face is huge
64: 1 2014/03/29(土)20:41:58 ID:V9F0Ca0wB
Accidentally sent by mistake。


I think my face is huge、 and it isn't really what you'd call a Hello! Pro face (lol)
66: 名無しさん 2014/03/29(土)21:29:33 ID:Foae07KAH
Did you look at the recent S/m audition thread and jump on the bandwagon?
71: ◆gknlhzaeCtF1 2014/03/29(土)21:52:38 ID:eEBEcNVO2

I wasn't sure what you meant by the recent S/m audition thread、 so I just looked it up and got what you mean。
I had no idea about it、 so it wasn't like I was jumping on the bandwagon when I set up this thread。 But、 before setting up a new thread, I should have looked previous ones (*sweat*

65: 1 2014/03/29(土)21:16:01 ID:V9F0Ca0wB
For the 2 above (63 & 64)、the ID has changed、but they're both from me, 1。
67: 名無しさん 2014/03/29(土)21:40:09 ID:ihcXePLiZ
Is it how the tripcode is attached? {Note: Japanese Wikipedia link, English equivalent here}
68: 名無しさん◆obOefDB96w 2014/03/29(土)21:42:46 ID:ihcXePLiZ

I think it would be okay if you wrote in another thread
71: ◆gknlhzaeCtF1 2014/03/29(土)21:52:38 ID:eEBEcNVO2
>>67 >>68

Thank you for your thoughtfulness! As a beginner who doesn't know anything about tripcodes、 it was a really big help。 Thank you for your time ><

70: ◆gknlhzaeCtF1 2014/03/29(土)21:45:06 ID:eEBEcNVO2
This is 1。
72: ◆gknlhzaeCtF1 2014/03/29(土)21:56:03 ID:eEBEcNVO2
The thought that drove me to set up this thread、 is that I felt that you hardly hear on the 'Net, about stories from someone who took up the Hello! Pro Kids audition。
And so、 thinking that I could share stories from that time even though it was ages agoー I put up this thread。
I never thought that I'd get this many responses、 and that it even went up on a matome site、 so it honestly surprised me。 lol
73: 名無し募集中。。。 2014/03/30(日)01:11:33 ID:bYe8nxw4t
It seems like there aren't any more questions・・・
If there aren't any more tales to tell, don't you think it would be good to end the thread with some parting words?
74: ◆gknlhzaeCtF1 2014/03/30(日)01:29:13 ID:qZzJVBxml
Since I didn't think about the of closing the thread、 that startled me。 Thank you very much for the recommendation。

I am deeply thankful to everyone who responded to this thread that was set up on a whim。
With the back-and-forth exchange of my honest opinions with everyone、 I'd have to say that many Hello! Pro fans are definitely good people!
I don't have many friends who also share my love of Hello! Pro、 but getting to talk about my experiences from when I was in primary school、 I'm glad that I got to interact with all of you who love Hello! Pro too as a result。
I think I've talked about everything I can about my experience at the audition。
I'll continue to support Hello! Pro with all my might! I'd like to go to more shows as well!
Thank you very much to those who also courteously taught me about the A-B-Cs (?) of 2ch。
And with that, I'll excuse myself!


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  1. Poor 1-san ;_;. This was such a moving thread. Thank you for the translation.