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Juice=Juice dialogue - Fukumura Mizuki x Miyamoto Karin - Summary

These 2 lovely young ladies have both come out with photo books this month. In their honour, here's a summary of a discussion these two girls had near the end of last year.
This comes from Hello! Project Station episode #43, which aired on the 27th of November 2013. It was part of a discussion segment between the members of Juice=Juice and a selected Hello! Project senpai.
I've also done a summary for the discussion between Suzuki Airi x Kanazawa Tomoko.

Now what's left for me to do is to wait for a package from Amazon Japan bearing my name. Inside it, the latest photo collections of these two beautiful belles.

Starts from about 34:39~

Introductions (34:39 - 35:19)

They greet each other, and Karin breaks the ice by noting that Mizuki is also wearing a red knit outfit.

Appearances & Expressions (35:20 - 39:23)

Karin asks Mizuki about how she turned sexy.
Karin: Your opening line in 'Help Me!', 'Are you going to leave me all alone just like this?' made me go 'Wow~'
Mizuki though, is jealous about Karin's ability to pull off an assortment of facial expressions. It was a goal that Mizuki herself has set her eyes on.

On Juice=Juice going the sexy route:
Karin: Our single 'Ijiwaru Shinaide Dakishimete yo' is quite sexy, but I want Mizuki to sing the 'O-Ne-Gai' part.
Although Karin admits hitting the falsetto for that part was tricky.
The rest of Juice=Juice also have mature appearances. This makes Karin stick out, looking like a child amongst adults.

Mizuki comments that she felt that she missed out on the experience of being called youthful. The constant praise about her grown-up looks meant that she'd never received such statements.
Karin reflects that perhaps she might be asking for too much, and should try to be content with what life has given her.

Hello! Project Eggs (39:24 - 45:13)

Karin's often told that she's changed from when she was small, and Mizuki agrees.
Mizuki: You used to be this cute Karin. But now, you don't have just cuteness, you're able to show more facets of yourself.
Mizuki points out that even in as background dancers, Karin's dancing stood out. This drove the rest of the Eggs to be even more intense with their dancing, be more dynamic. And whenever they'd hit a wall, they'd turn to look at Karin.
Mizuki: We loved that Karin, but I feel like your strong, expressive self now is beautiful as well.
Mizuki also felt that Karin had become calmer, a lot gentler.
Karin notes that she had been quite the bother, troubling Takeuchi Akari in particular.
In those days, she did like Mizuki, and wanted to be good friends. Yet, Mizuki was just too popular - with Take-chan, with Kaneko Rie - that Karin couldn't get close. Karin ended up childishly giving up on that idea.
Karin: So, getting to have a discussion like this, it makes me pretty happy.
Among the H!P Eggs, Karin says that Mizuki was dreamy, the star of the H!P Eggs, as she had gotten to début and join Morning Musume. She had become their ideal, having taken the lead.

But for Mizuki, when she joined Morning Musume, a lot of fuss was made about her being from the Eggs. She thought of the 9th gen as equals, but she felt like she was treated differently due to her Egg background. This added more pressure on her, as she was worried that her performance might reflect badly on the Eggs.

Mizuki herself wants as many Kenshuusei as possible to debut, and she works hard because of that.
Karin feels that Mizuki's presence helped the formation of Juice=Juice. She felt that it was thanks to the senpai from the H!P Eggs that Juice=Juice was formed.
Mizuki: Karin, I think it might be better if you had more confidence. Karin, you're really amazing. I'm really happy that you always tell me that you respect me, but it's the other way around, honestly.
Karin, being an only child, wished that Mizuki could be her older sister.

H!P Love (45:14 - 48:08)

They talk about the fact that they like Momochi-senpai. The issue with that is, trying to go with the flow when with her, it ends up becoming a situation where they can't really say it.
Karin: But Mizuki-chan persists in doing it, so I think that's amazing.
For Mizuki, there was a time when she was worrying about it, with the fans telling her that 'You're in Morning Musume, after all'. She loves Morning Musume, but she really loves Momochi, so she had conflicts in mentioning it. From Momoko's standpoint as well, Momo doesn't seem good at handling it when someone says that they like her.
Mizuki: But the person who makes the decision is myself. So I told myself that I couldn't lie about it. 
Momo stood up when Tsunku♂ called out Mizuki's name to announce her début. She applauded and congratulated Mizuki. It made Mizuki really happy. And all the Berryz went 'Whoa~', which left an impression on her.
Mizuki: So I thought to myself, I definitely have to say this. Wouldn't you want to say that you love whatever it is that you love?
But as members of Hello! Project, it's a given that they should love Hello! Project. Because of that, Mizuki doesn't mention her love of it as much. Still, it leaks out through her blog posts and what not. But she'd like to play a part in creating the history of Hello! Project as well.
Mizuki: Is it okay like this? Now it's turned into a serious discussion.
Karin herself feels like they should strive to be a person in that position. Someone that others would look up to as well. So even though Karin looks up to Niigaki Risa, she feels that just expressing it wouldn't be enough.
Karin: It isn't enough to just go around saying 'I like this person, I like this person'.
Troubles (48:09 - 50:13)

Karin asks what troubled Mizuki the most when she had her début and joined Morning Musume.
Mizuki: How to deal with those from my own generation.
When they first met, Riho and Kanon thought of Mizuki as a senpai, due to her experience as an Egg. This led her to them referring to her as Fukumura-san, which Mizuki had to ask them to stop.
Mizuki: Though Eripon just went 'Mizuki', like it was no big deal.
Karin: (laughs) That's very like Eripon!
Mizuki worried about her generation ending up as three people plus Mizuki. She did feel isolated at the photo shoot they had just after they joined. But Mitsui Aika gave her emotional support.
That was what worried her at first. But now, they're all good chums.
Mizuki feels that those from the same generation are precious, and she wanted to treasure that love. But with the entry of the 10th and 11th generation, she felt no longer alone. She felt that there was the danger of getting stuck in only caring about one's own generation. But now, everyone in Morning Musume are good friends, understanding each other better.

Fashion (50:14 - 55:27)

Karin asks Mizuki if she had any hangups about clothes. Mizuki mentions that she doesn't follow the trends and buys what she likes. In general, store displays would focus on the current craze. So Mizuki would find the clothes that she liked folded on shelves, in the basement level. As opposed to something you'd find on a mannequin.

Mizuki herself has expanded from one-piece dresses to all sorts of styles. But she still goes for dull colours - black, white, and grey. Though she wonders that it might just be where her preferences lie.

She also mentions that her style's become more casual since she joined Morning Musume. For example, she decks herself in a parka and shorts.

Sometimes she's caught out when she uses odd or old term for fashion items, which are something the can't wrap her head around. Karin also admits that she doesn't have much knowledge about fashion items as well. Even reading blog comments, there are many words she doesn't know.

Karin gives an example of 'Bordeaux', the latest trendy colour. When asked whether a hat was Bordeaux-coloured, she agreed. In her mind though, she was going 'It's red, isn't it? Red?'

Mizuki notes that when you know the terminology, you end up wanting to use it. Her knapsack from primary school was wine red, and she looked for opportunities to use that word.

Karin disagrees with Mizuki's comment about Juice=Juice being mature. Karin's small stature meant that most cute clothes end up looking baggy on her. It also meant that she's forced to go for nothing but S-size or XS-size clothes.

Mizuki relates a story of her buying a bag that was on sale, since she thought that it was one of things that everyone had. But when she got back, her mother pointed out that it was out of fashion. So Mizuki hasn't used the bag even once.

Karin would sometimes gets caught out for being out of fashion. People would point out that she'd run a bit astray from Juice=Juice's path. Mizuki agrees that while the group has a dark, mature image, Karin looked like she'd fit in better with cute, pink styles.

Eating Out (55:27 - 57:06)

Karin's always wanted to invite Mizuki out for nabe. She prefers nabe over having all sorts of dishes where everyone eats at the same time. For nabe, there's an order to it - You add vegetables, you add other things, and then you have to wait for it to cook. And that's the reason she likes it, since it facilitates communication during its preparation.

Karin's visualised day out - Going for nabe after shopping, then saying their goodbyes.
Mizuki: Come to think of it, we've never really hung out, have we?
Karin: That's right. You were super popular, after all.
Mizuki ends mentioning that she'd like to do all sorts of things. Like going to the amusement park, hanging out together, going for nabe.

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