Sunday, 8 June 2014

Twitter Tidbits

Tsunku♂ on picking winners

@jone2601 @tsunkuboy Tsunku-san, did you expect that Airi would turn out to be so cute!?
@tsunkuboyExpect it? I was sure of it。

Tsunku♂ on what drives his interests

@unchan48@tsunkuboy After this is the group Feam! Please google them! They're a super pretty and adorable 3-girl group! I'm a Yuki-chan oshi myself!
@tsunkuboy: My interest depends on the music. In this world, cuteness is a dime a dozen.

Maimi on remembering birthdays
Maimi OP「Today's my birthday」 Maimi「Happy birthday (All smiles)」 Maimi「It's my friend's too, so there are two people with birthdays today!」 OP「Ah、 Megu…」 Maimi「Hehehe (All smiles)」 She's seriously an angel

Mano-chan on the elections
Both this year and last year
The moment Sae's name was called out
I cried out (T ^ T)

And then of all things
There was a commercial in the middle of her speech (´Д` )

For now, Sae-chan ♡
Good job in the Sousenkyo ∩^ω^∩

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