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H!P Maruwakari Winter 2016: Number one in looks

Haropuro (Hello! Project) Maruwakari Book 2016 WINTER / Hello! Project

Q7: Please tell us who's H!P's number one for each of these genres? - Looks

Yajima MaimiHagi-chan (Hagiwara Mai)
Nakajima SakiYajima Maimi.
Suzuki AiriHagiwara Mai-chama. MaiMai ♥. Sasaki Rikako-chan
Okai ChisatoKudo-chan! If I were reborn, I'd want to be born with that face ♥♥
Hagiwara MaiYajima Maimi-chan.
Morning Musume。´16
Fukumura MizukiYajima Maimi-san. She's nine heads tall?! She's cute, whether she's posing or eating!!!
Ikuta ErinaNakanishi Kana-chan. Her skin is fair, her legas are slender, her looks are wonderful.
Suzuki KanonYajima Maimi-san. Her figure, face, wherever it may be, I think she's number one.
Iikubo HarunaYajima Maimi-san.
Ishida AyumiKudo Haruka-chan. Being called the Angel Face, she certainly is cute.
Sato MasakiSasaki Rikako-chan.
Kudo HarukaYajima Maimi-san. In terms of both beauty and cuteness, she's staggering, I admire her. Also her cool abs!!
Oda SakuraKanazawa Tomoko-chan. It often surprises me just how cute she is!
Ogata HarunaSuzuki Airi-san. Since she's got a great figure and a lovely face.
Nonaka MikiNakajima Saki-san. She's stylish and cute...... I admire her!
Makino MariaYajima Maimi-san. She's got a great figure, her face is mature, and she's extremely beautiful.
Haga AkaneKudo Haruka-san!!!!!!!
Wada AyakaYajima Maimi-san. Since she's really beautiful.
Nakanishi KanaHagiwara Mai-san.
Takeuchi AkariHagiwara Mai-san.
Katsuta RinaHagiwara Mai-san.
Tamura MeimiHagiwara Mai-san.
Murota MizukiSuzuki Airi-san.
Aikawa MahoHagiwara Mai-san.Her eyes are round and cute. Wada Ayaka-san. She's got the beauty of a goddess.
Sasaki RikakoKudo Haruka-san.
Kamikokuryo MoeYajima Maimi-san.
Miyazaki YukaUemura Akari-chan. You can't take a bad photo of her. I'd like to let people around the world see her photobook 'AKARI'.
Kanazawa TomokoUemura Akari-chan. No matter what anyone says, she's a beauty.
Takagi SayukiUemura Akari. Wherever she appears, she's got a face and figure that's nothing to be embarrassed about. It makes a good contrast with how she is inside.
Miyamoto KarinWada Ayaka-san. Seeing her soothes me. She's perfect down to her very teeth.
Uemura AkariYajima Maimi-san. Because she’s got a great figure as well.
Country Girls
Tsugunaga MomokoMomochi. It goes without saying. Her looks are skyrocketing and evolving daily, so much that it frightens even myself ♥
Yamaki RisaYajima Maimi-san and Uemura Akari-chan. I couldn’t narrow it down to a single person, no matter what (laughs).
Inaba ManakaSuzuki Airi-san.
Morito ChisakiHagiwara Mai-san.
Ozeki MaiI think that everyone's equally number one!!
Yanagawa NanamiThat would be Miyamoto Karin-san ♥♥
Funaki MusubuSasaki Rikako-san.
Kobushi Factory
Fujii RioYajima Maimi-san.
Hirose AyakaSuzuki Airi-san.
Nomura MinamiWada Ayaka-san.
Ogawa RenaYajima Maimi-san.
Hamaura AyanoTsugunaga Momoko-san.
Taguchi NatsumiSuzuki Airi-san.
Wada SakurakoYajima Maimi-san.
Inoue ReiEveryone in ℃-ute.
Tsubaki Factory
Yamagishi RikoSasaki Rikako-chan.
Ogata RisaUemura Akari-san.
Niinuma KisoraKudo Haruka-san.
Tanimoto AmiSuzuki Airi-san.
Kishimoto YumenoSuzuki Airi-san.
Asakura KikiYajima Maimi-san.

Q7: Please tell us who's H!P's number one for each of these genres? - Looks

Vote tally
#1: Yajima Maimi (16 mentions)
#2: Hagiwara Mai (9 mentions)
#3: Suzuki Airi (8 mentions)
#4: Kudo Haruka and Uemura Akari (5 mentions each)
#5: Sasaki Rikako (4 mentions)
#6: Wada Ayaka (3 mentions)
#7: Nakajima Saki and Tsugunaga Momoko (2 mentions, counting Momochi's self-vote)

So the H!P girls think that Maimi's has the best looks in H!P, followed by two of her fellow comrades in ℃-ute. I have to say that Hamachan shows impeccable taste.

While we know who'll lead this, let's tally things by group:
℃-ute: 35 mentions
ANGERME: 8 mentions
Juice=Juice: 7 mentions
Morning Musume。´16: 5 mentions
Country Girls: 2 mentions 

Even if you take out ReiRei's choice of everyone in ℃-ute, ℃-ute still leads by a huge margin. The ANGERME girls are quite big fans of MaiMai, it seems. The strength of the Wada-Rikako brings ANGERME to the second place. The Juice=Juice girls are quite proud of their Uemuu, with three of them picking her. Morning Musume。´16 was basically Kudo. Country Girls is Momochi, but that's a given.

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  1. As expected from C-ute... Even other Idol groups fangirl-ing them