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Fukuda Kanon's Path to being the greatest idol Vol 3 (UTB April-June 2011)

In the third part of this serialisation, it's a showdown of luck! The universe's greatest idol should also possess the greatest luck in the universe, shouldn't she!?
And as a special guest, we herald the appearance of someone who possesses good luck and competency = Suzuki Airi-senpai, who adorns [this issue's] UTB cover by herself!

Mission: Showdown of luck

In order to become the greatest idol in the universe, luck is also required! And with that, this month, we're trying out a battle of luck!! But before that, we are graced by the presence of a special guest. Adorning this issue's cover, it's the star Suzuki Airi-senpai~.

Airi: 'I've got good luck, and I'm also good when it comes to a real challenge! I'm stronger than my (pro-golfer) father!!'

(While that's a different matter altogether...) The battle with this extremely competent opponent will start with a janken showdown. 'Jan Ken Pon'. After a series of repeats, with Airi-senpai = scissors and Kanyon = paper, it's Airi-senpai's victory!

Kanyon: 'At first, I thought that Suzuki-san would go with paper or scissors, and once she came out with scissors, we went at it again...... And I couldn't predict what she'd do after that. I lost as I was unable to make a forecast'
Well, it's a battle of luck, so you don't have to make it such a psychological battle though... (laughs). So overthinking was the cause of your defeat!? For a change of mood, the second challenge is that absolute classic, a super-spicy cream puff showdown~!
Kanyon: Whoa. I can't handle spicy things, so I definitely don't want to lose in this battle!!'
Said Kanyon, even more pumped up than usual. She's using underhanded tricks like patting them with her hands, and sniffing the cream puffs (laughs). Hey, hey, it's a battle of instinct! After puzzling over them, the one picked by Kanyon was placed in front of Airi-senpai. How did she arrive at this choice... Well, please take a bite!!
Airi: '(chomping) Eh, me? Urgh, there's something in here! It's not exactly spicy... but stinky (cries)!?'

And with this show of stubbornness from Kanyon, we arrive at a tied game. The final showdown will be a one-shot battle of Pop-up Pirate! We're building up to the climax with Airi-senpai going first!! But, you can see the result below......

Kanyon: 'My stance is that the winner is the one who makes the pirate pop-up (laughs). You know, since that's the person who'll be giving the yummier reaction, right!?'
In the end, Kanyon is bringing out her entertainer's spirit... That said, this is two straight losses in a row, counting from the previous episode (laughs).
Kanyon: 'Well, that's the thing. If I lose a lot, this serialisation will continue on with lots of battles, won't it? That's my strategy (laughs)'
That's taking things too lightly!! Will Kanyon, who has forgotten her original motivation, face an even tougher trial in the next edition!?

ANGEREME First Concert Tour 2015 Aki[Hyakkaryouran]-Fukuda Kanon Sotsugyou Special- / ANGEREME

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