Saturday, 30 July 2016

Ishida interviews Kobushi Factory - MoMusu Ishida Ayumi's unexpected '0% Approval rating'

The summer Hello! Cons have started.

Ishida: At Hello! Cons, we go beyond the borders of our groups and perform together, so it's like a summer festival. I hope that you'll be able to enjoy the different harmonies through the shuffle units. Also, this is Morning Musume。´16's first 11-person concert, after the graduation of Suzuki Kanon-san. I hope that we'll be able to bring out another different kind of charm.

Hirose: We don't want to lose to the groups of our generation, and we'd also like to absorb more and more from the senpai groups during rehearsals. There are two types of patterns this time around, so I want to enjoy that.

Together with the senpai you admire.

Ishida: That's right, Hamachan has told me that she mimics how I dance, but I know that she looks up to Tsugunaga-san from 'Country Girls'. But I don't know about the two of you, so I thought I'd ask.

Hirose: I admire Fukuda Kanon-san, who recently graduated from ANGERME, but among the current members, it would be Ikuta Erina-san.

Ishida: Eh~~~! That's the hardest for me to react to! What do you admire about her?

Hirose: Ikuta-san has stated that 'There isn't a single kouhai who says that they admire me', right? So it troubles me: Should I say that I admire Ikuta-san? But at the previous Hello! Cons, she wished me good luck backstage, and she brought me some omurice.

Ishida: And that's your reason?

Hirose: Ikuta-san knows that I look up to her, but she knows that I look up to Fukuda-san as well, so she's like 'Eri isn't your number one, right?'

Ishida: She wants to protect her own character, and she wants to treasure her kouhai (laughs).

Hirose: And so, I have to puzzle over how I should answer. At first she had this impressive, carefree smile, but her cool facial expressions are also cute, her dancing is sharp, and her acrobatics are amazing. And her other face that's guy-like is nice.

Ishida: I have an idea of how Ikuta-san reacted when you told her that~ She'd be self-conscious, and saying 'That's not the case'! She'd deny it a little, but she'd look happy.

Hirose • Ogawa • Hamaura: Ah~ We can see it!

Ogawa: For me, it would be Sugaya Risako-san (from Berryz Kobo). She's got an aura, and while she may seem scary at first, she'll let you take photos with her, and there's her singing and expressive ability. In Morning Musume。-san, it would be Kudo Haruka-san!

Ishida: And that's someone from my generation~

Ogawa: Kudo-san will casually start conversations with a 'Yo' or 'Morning'. I think she's cool, and I really like her husky voice. And I learn from watching her facial expressions when she comes on-screen.

Ishida: I'd like to ask Hamachan about this as well.

Hamaura: For Morning Musume。, it'd be Sato Masaki-san!

Ishida: Another one from my generation~ (cries).

Hamaura: I like how she gestures and expresses herself during solo parts.

Ishida-san, not a single one of them are lending you any support. There must be some problem with Ishida-san as well.

Ishida: Th, that's right. I guess friendliness is important. Maybe I should start with casual greetings like 'Yo'....

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  1. Hahahaha poor Ishida, but she had that tsundere character, so... yeap, she has a problem being friendly XD anyway, Hirose admiring Ikuta, that's new!!! good for Ikuta !! :D <--she's always a good kouhai with her senpais, so I think Ikuta deserves a good kouhai :P Thanks 4 translate! ♥