Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Nakajima Saki in Idol Frontline 2015

In 2014, H!P experienced several upheavals. Michishige Sayumi-san's graduation, Berryz Kobo's indefinite hiatus, various new units......

Nakajima: Amongst those, Berryz Kobo's was the biggest. On the day that they announced their hiatus, the Berryz members suddenly came to our dressing room with serious looks on their faces, telling us that there was something they wanted to inform us about...... I had no idea what to do. (Natsuyaki) Miyabi-chan was saying things like 'So, we'll be counting on you', 'We trust that ℃-ute can do it'...... Berryz are really like older sisters to us. They've always been like older sisters to us. Since they made their debut before us. Berryz are our rivals, but as our older sisters, we had always been chasing after them. Even with the hiatus, Berryz are once again was moving ahead of us.

Did you not think about yourselves? It's not an issue that you can afford to ignore.

Nakajima: Not in particular...... Just that ℃-ute would now have to work hard to make up for the loss of Berryz. Since we'd have to inherit what Berryz had left us.

Michishige Sayumi-san's graduation was big as well, wasn't it. Age-wise, ℃-ute will become the oldest.

Nakajima: Michishige-san's presence was huge. Since she was a senpai who showed things by example. In the winter Hello! Project tour that we're currently doing, the very last to appear on-stage and introduce themselves are Berryz Kobo. Up until now, it had always been Morning Musume。who would wrap things up at the end. Once Berryz aren't around, it'll probably be ℃-ute. Morning Musume。´15 is the brand of Hello! Project, so I've got mixed feelings. Will it be okay for us to be above them? Honestly, it's complicated.


Is there anything that's been popular with ℃-ute recently?

Nakajima: Let's see...... Recently, ℃-ute have been into playing Werewolf. Amongst us, (Okai) Chisato is the worst, she can tell a lie without batting an eyelid (laughs).

Leader seems like she'd be bad at Werewolf (laughs). She's so truthful.

Nakajima: Well, that's true, she was stiff at first. But I guess she's gotten used to it? When it comes to lying in the game (laughs).

What a frightening game (laughs).

Nakajima: While we say that it's a game, it's a huge thing for ℃-ute (laughs). And that Leader has now replaced Michishige-san as H!P Leader, so we'd like grasp on to our responsibilities and do our best!

Idol Saizensen 2015 / Yosensha

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