Sunday, 30 March 2014

Karin: In praise of Take-chan

{Time to hear from one side of my favourite H!P love triangle. She even gives a shout-out to the other half as well.}
From Karin's J=J blog post
From Top Yell+
Let's hear from all the Hello! Pro members ! 'Hello! Pro great dictionary!!'

Q1. What's a moe point of a Hello! Pro member that only you know of?
Takeuchi Akari-chan
The movements of her fingers when she's handling a file! I really love Take-chan's fingers!
When she's flipping through a file, it's really exquisite. Perhaps I like the shape of her nails too.
I like it when they're slightly stretched out. So when she's going through a file, my heart skips a beat.

Q10. What's your favourite tree? {I get the feeling this is a throwback to the Tsunkurabu H!P DVD magazine, where a member (Risako?) mentioned that Maa-chan had asked her this very question}
Bamboo ('Take' in Japanese)
I think that it's very Japanese.
Besides that, since it's the 'Take' from my favourite Take-chan (lol)

{And here's a shout-out to the other half of the equation}

Q5. If you would be so kind to think of it, Hello! Pro's best couple would be?
Fukumura Mizuki-chan & Takeuchi Akari-chan
They wear matching jerseys, and seeing them together at Hello! Cons always soothes me!
At handshake events, I'm asked, 'Doesn't it make you burn with jealousy?', but I'm not jealous at all.
I feel like I'd like to watch them instead. The 2-shots on their blogs are awesome!!

Imagine how excited she must have got seeing this (From Fuku-chan's MM 9ki blog post)

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