Saturday, 15 March 2014

H!P Blog Relay #7

{Hopping on from Eripon, we have Captain Saki}

Shimizu Saki - 8th March

Well then、
Something that's being carried out among the Hello!Project members、 a mission from Morning Musume。'14's Michishige-san!!
It's been going around randomly、 and it's arrived to Saki (`・ω・)ゞ

「Something that moved you recently」
Is the theme、
Recently、 something that moved Saki is、、、

Berryz Kobo celebrating our 10th anniversary‼︎

It's gotta be that!!

I think that becoming a member of Berryz Kobo was a blessing...。
We were able to get to this point thanks to the support of numerous people、 and as part of being active for 10 years、 I've had all sorts of experiences、 and I think I was able to develop as a single person。 Definitely。 lol

Thank you very much for these 10 years。
And、 I'm begging for your kindness from now on!!!

Well then、for Morning Musume。'14's Iikubo Haruna-chan tomorrow ☻
What is something that has recently moved Iikubo-san???

We're counting on you for this mission~♩

[For an alternative translation, see this post on blog!project]

{From captain to subleader, what does Harunan have to say?}

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