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Country Girls - To Shout Out Their Secret (BLT March 2017)

Their last single before Tsugunaga Momoko's graduation will be going on sale!
With all of the members around, each member makes a big confession ♥

While we await the sale of their last single before Tsugunaga Momoko's graduation, the members confess some previously unknown stories ♥

I'd like this to be a single where I use up my whole 15 years (Tsugunaga)

You've finally announced your last single before the graduation of Momochi (Tsugunaga)-san.

Tsugunaga: As we draw closer to my graduation, more and more things are becoming 'lasts', which reminds me how close my graduation is. I'd like this to be a single where I use up my whole 15 years.

Ozeki: In 'Peanut Butter Jelly Love', you can hear Momochi-senpai's wonderful, lovely voice!

Tsugunaga: You're raising the bar too high. (laughs) I get to feature in this last one, so it's a difficult song that requires a broad singing register, but I'd like to sing it properly.

Funaki: The beginning is particularly difficult, you can tell from the look on Momochi-senpai's face. (laughs)

Morito: It's a cute song that's very Country Girls, and I hope that you keep an eye on the intricacies of the dance moves as well.

Yanagawa: The music video is cute and fairytale-like, and I hope that we can express the world of the song.

Yamaki: We were under the cold weather for the tea party scene, but we acted as if it was warm, so please watch that as well. (laughs)

How about 'Good Boy Bad Girl'?

Morito: The lyrics are split between a guy and a girl, and there's part of the choreography that looks like we're kissing. And it was fresh to have (Ozeki) Mai-chan take on the girl role.

Ozeki: I've been established as a guy character, so being put in the girl role was something that I found to be difficult, despite being a girl myself. (laughs)

Yamaki: The dance moves put a lot of pressure on me. 'Cause if I make a mistake, I might end up kicking Momochi-senpai in the head......

Tsugunaga: We have to hold hands after that, and yours get really sweaty. (laughs)

Funaki: The two songs are completely different, so you can enjoy various sides of Country Girls through this one single.

Yanagawa: In terms of dancing and singing, it's our hardest single yet, but we'll work hard with everything we've got in order to reach a high level!

Message for Members
When I tell you my expectations on you, it always impresses me how all of you respond by going even beyond my words. Also, you all flatter me, saying 'Momochi-senpai's amazing!'. It makes me come to work in high spirits every day. So I'll be counting on you until I graduate. (laughs)

Tsugunaga Momoko's 'Valentine on her mind'
I'd like to become a guy and experience being in high demand. If I got confessed to, I'd go 'Sorry, I'm everyone's Momochi' (laughs)

Tsugunaga Momoko's 'TV show on her mind'
Okaasan to Issho
It's soothing, and brings me back to the time when I was a child. I recommend it in hopes that adults that have been jostled by society will remember the spirit they had as children.

From Risa
When we wore similar clothes, I'm sorry that you had to end up joyfully saying 'We match up!' At this point in time, I think that having an overlap in clothes in a no-no.

From Momoko
I honestly never noticed. (laughs) Your mother's one of my supporters, so tell her that I'll be relying on her kindness in the future as well ♥

Yamaki Risa's 'Valentine on her mind'
I exchange chocolates as tokens of friendship amongst friends, but I made about 200-300 chocolates in senior high, it was the biggest Valentine's in my life

Yamaki Risa's 'TV show on her mind'
Case Closed
I'm really into it, having watched it from when I was small, and I also watched the 2016 movie. It's an anime that I hope that even grown-ups watch at least once.

From Chisaki
I'm really shy, but thanks to Momochi-senpai coming to talk to me, I'm now able to talk so much with the members

From Momoko
At first, whenever I would talk to her, she'd only respond with a yes or a no. I had no idea what to do. Nowadays, doesn't she hit me quite hard? (laughs)

Morito Chisaki's 'Valentine on her mind'
Two years ago, I tried my hand at making my favourite macarons, but more than half turned out to be failures. So I think I'll give it another try after about five years.

Morito Chisaki's 'TV show on her mind'
I only watch it once in a while, but I get to learn about what's popular and in-vogue. The way they introduce stores on the show is so good that tempts me to visit those stores.

From Mai
We can now talk a lot, but but I still get nervous with Momochi-senpai when it's just the two of us, so we haven't gone out.

From Momoko
You're completely welcome to go out with me. More than that, we've got similar characters, so there probably are more things that you're wondering about.

Ozeki Mai's 'Valentine on her mind'
I gave gifts to everyone in class. I got lots during White Day, but since I like sweets, I ate them all up (laughs)

Ozeki Mai's 'TV show on her mind'
Shabekuri 007
I'm amazed by how they things entertaining, even with guests who aren't great at speaking! I'd like to be on it someday, so I'd like to improve my talking ability!

From Nanami
I can't speak smoothly, and I have trouble making 'r' sounds. But Momochi-senpai, aren't you bad when it comes to 'r' sounds as well?

From Momoko
My lisp is cute, so it's fine ♥
Try to quickly become able to say 'Country Girls' properly, ok

Yanagawa Nanami's 'Valentine on her mind'
I'm no good at cooking. In my third year of primary school, when I tried making Valentine's chocolates with the assistance of my mother and grandmother, and I still failed. It was heartbreaking.

Yanagawa Nanami's 'TV show on her mind'
Sekai no Hate made ItteQ!
My family likes their special programmes, particularly 'Degawa English'. Degawa (Tetsuro)-san is a really amazing person!

From Musubu
I'm told that my legs are compact, but Momochi-senpai, your heels are high, so aren't we just the same?

From Momoko
I wear high heels because I'm the senpai. (laughs) Whenever I forget dance moves, I always watch you. Thank you.

Funaki Musubu's 'Valentine on her mind'
I had an unexpected incident when I was a Kenshuusei. I'd nicely made some gateau chocolate, but the container I had was too small that it got crushed when I put it in.

Funaki Musubu's 'TV show on her mind'
Getsuyou kara Yofukashi
I like it since it's an entertaining way to find what's popular. I'm from Osaka, so I can sympathise with what Murakami (Shingo)-san says

Good Boy Bad Girl / Peanuts Butter Jelly Love / Country Girls

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