Monday, 30 November 2015

Momcohi no Kimochi: Gossip (Essay #4/22)

The other day, I met a staff-san who asked,
'Momochi san, does your family live in poverty?', 
Which really gave me a shock.

When I asked back,
'Why do you ask that?', 
They replied
'It was on the Internet'. 
I immediately tried looking it up,
And there, the lookup keywords were
'Momochi Mechaike',
'Momochi university ',
'Momochi poverty ', 
They were lined up that, just like it was nothing.

Once again, I got a shock!!
Furthermore, when I investigated into it,
Many rumours about poverty came out of the blue,
Like 'She uses a close-by river to bathe',
Or 'She stole the bicycles of members of Berryz Kobo', et cetera......

Of course, everyone tells these quirky tales,
But since there are also some people who believe it,
Gossip can turn out to be scary, right?

However, while it's scary when's it turned on you,
It's so fun to do
That it's not easy to quit,
So even I'm troubled about it ♥

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