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Country Girls and the New Members

Courtesy of Barks, we have coverage of what happened over at Country Girls' formation 1st anniversary event. I'll be focusing on the 2 new members in this translation.

If you're more of a video person, I've put up a subtitled version of the Jijipress coverage on the event. It includes a clip of the existing Country Girls members being informed of and welcoming the new additions, but not the closing comments from the members. I've been told that the video may not be available to US viewers though, so your mileage may vary.

This'll be out of chronological order, but I think it flows better given that we know the final outcome.
Quick note: from what I understand, the years are counted from when they start rather than when they end. So the day after your first anniversary, you enter your second year rather than starting on your first year. I guess the natural numbers start with 1 in Japan.

Letter from Country Girls Supervisor Satoda Mai

Everyone, a very good evening to you!
This is Country Girls Supervisor Satoda Mai.

Celebrating a whole year today, on the 5th of November,
Country Girls will be making a new start.

As the original goal was to be a group that's growing to face the world stage,
And thinking about how to power it up further,
I had exchanges with people from the office,
Including Playing Manager Momochi.
A proposal to add new members was made,
And I approved of that proposal.

Taking into account their habitual training, the outcome of their lessons, and their future prospects,
We chose 2 names for the new members, Yanagawa Nanami and Funaki Musubu, from the H!P Kenshuusei.

To the fans who have been cheering us on, we beg for your continued kind and warm cheers of support.

And to the 2 new members, please blow a new wind into Country Girls with your energy and freshness.

From now on, I'll be watching over the 7 of you!

November 2015, Satoda Mai

Closing comments from the members

Ozeki Mai:
Just as was mentioned just now, 2 new members will be joining Country Girls, and we'll be entering our second year with 7 people. I think that all of you are surprised as well right now, but as the ones joining in now are the same age or lower than me, it's bringing down Country Girls' average age (laughs). As we're gradually getting younger, Momochi-senpai may feel a bit cut off, but with Country Girls having people from various generations, we beg for your kindness in our second year as well.

Morito Chisaki:
This year we got to experience all sorts of things, we were able to have our first live tour, and our second live tour has started, but with the announcement of new members, I never thought that I'd become a senpai so quickly, but I'll do my best in order to give a performance that's befitting of a senpai, so I beg for your kindness.

Inaba Manaka:
I'm really happy that such a great number of people came to celebrate our first anniversary today. This year really passed by in the blink of an eye, but it was really really fulfilling and we made really wonderful memories. Country Girls will have 7 people from now on, because we've got these two really cute girls joining us. Country Girls has a lot of cutesy songs, don't we? However, I'd like the 7 of us to press on even more, with our cuteness at the fore, and be a group that's loved by everyone, without forgetting our everyday feelings of gratitude.

Yamaki Risa:
It's already been a year since the unforgettable announcement of our joining, but it feels like it happened really recently, and I wish I could tell the me of the past to look forward to a year that's filled with really enjoyable things. We'll be having activities as a 7-person group in our 2nd year, but as it was mentioned just now, Momochi-senpai is a long way off in age, so I'd like to support her properly as part of the middle management. I beg for your kindness in our second year as well.

Tsugunaga Momoko:
Today there were two overlapping fortunate occurrences, I'm really glad that we could celebrate our first anniversary like this with all the fans, and secondly I'm really glad that my lovely singing voice could resound in this venue. I was reminded once again about what a joy singing and dancing are. (Faces the members) Everyone, thank you for everything up until now. Once again, I truly apologise for causing trouble to all of you.

And above all, we've announced the new members, but in order to not get buried by the level of difference with the new members, I'd like to use my deft skill at conversation to fill in all sorts of gaps. Having made about three round trip flights worth of exchanges with Satoda Mai-san (laughs), and discussing it with everyone, I'm glad that two wonderful people will be joining us. With the new members joining, I've got to bring up those girls. As PM. And with that said, it makes me really happy that I've still got a reason to remain here! I may be a wearisome Playing Manager who gets nervous, forgets the exchange of letters, and chews her words,  but I'd like the members to continue to follow me, and it would make me glad if all the fans followed Momochi as well. I beg for you to kindly watch over us in the future as well.

Introduction from Yanagawa Nanami

From Kanagawa prefecture, 2nd year middle school, I'm 13-year old Yanagawa Nanami!
I'd like to become an idol like Momochi-senpai, known by many,
And I'd like to polish up my MC-ing skills, my talking skills, even further.
And, as it's Country Girls' 'Hajimete no Happy Birthday',
It really is a joy to stand on this stage today!

Introduction from Funaki Musubu

From Osaka, 1st year middle schooler, I'm 13-year old Funaki Musubu!
I beg for your kindness!
Up to now, I've been calling them Country Girls-SAN,
But it makes me really happy that I can now say that I'm Funaki Musubu of Country Girls.
Within Hello! Project, I may be smallest in age and height,
But I think it'd be great if I could give a performance that makes you forget about my height!
I beg for your kind support!

Source: Barks

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