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Berryz Kobo x ℃-ute Cross Talk: Shimizu Saki x Kumai Yurina

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Hello! Project Kids in 2012, a book entitled Rival - 12 shoujo no 10-nen monogatari - (The 10-year legend of the 12 girls) was released. The book contains 2-page discussions between various pairings of the girls, covering all 66 possible combinations. In the process of reading this book, I'll be putting up some highlights as I read through the interviews.

Special Crosstalk Book "RIVAL 12 shoujyo no 10 nen monogatari (10 years stories of 12 girls)" / Berrz Kobo / Cute

Shimizu Saki X Kumai Yurina

Saki-chan, from your point of view, in these many years, do you think Kumai-chan has changed?

Shimizu: She has!

Kumai: Eh, is that so?

Shimizu: When three of us, Kumai-chan, Maa, and myself, performed in the 'Real Etude Minna no Ie' stage-plays, I had a talk with Kumai-chan, who found performing in the play 'really distressful'. I think that everyone had their own worries, but I think that Kumai-chan had never said something like that by herself. But, becoming able to talk about something like that, I think it was a change. Kumai-chan, recently, you're like, 'I'm Kumai Yurina! I'm here!' You're able to be insistent, in a good way. It felt really good to see that.


Turning it around, from Kumai-chan's point of view, were there any good changes in Saki-chan over these 10 years?

Kumai: However, Captain's changed as well. In the past, I thought that Captain was really boyish. But now, she's a lovely lady. She's always been calm from the start, and the fact that she's level-headed hasn't changed, but I feel that she's gotten really ladylike. I think that in the past, she strongly felt that 'I've got to be level-headed'. But as she spent time in Berryz Kobo, she gradually showed more of her true nature, she really is a baby. Perhaps Captain might be the most babyish among us (laughs). You're quite like a younger sister.

Shimizu: I am the younger sister at home though (laughs). Also, I really dislike leading.

Kumai: Even when all of us are walking, Captain's always stuck at the back (laughs).

Shimizu: I prefer looking at everyone's backs. When moving around with the members, we chat while walking, so the tempo slows down. But when I'm walking quickly, even in that case, I want to be at the rear, so in my heart, I'm thinking 'You guys, hurry up! I don't want to be walking as the vanguard!!' (laughs).


Shimizu: We used to have discussions, Berryz meetings in the past, and at those times, Kumai-chan would be on the listening side. While listening to everyone speak, you'd go 'Uh-huh, Uh-huh'. That's probably what made it difficult to get your opinions (laughs). I think that Kumai-chan has really changed since then.

Kumai: We often took the same route home, so through that, I gradually got closer to the members.

Shimizu: It was like 'Ah, this girl! She's cheerful!!' (laughs). I thought that it would be better if you were that way when you were with all of us. One-on-one, you were cheerful, but when we were together in the group, it was hard to get you to talk.

Kumai: In the past, I used to consider work and private time separately. Normally, when I'm with everyone, I'd talk like normal, but because it was work, I had to shape up, I had to say things properly, and I couldn't bring out my own opinions. But that doesn't happen in my private time.


For the both of  you, what is your impression of one another after having been together for 10 years?

Shimizu: When I'm with Kumai-chan, I feel calm. She's got this unique atmosphere to her. So I feel that the time I spend with her is really comfortable. Just like with her height, I feel that Kumai-chan has also grown as a woman. I really like the recent air-headed Kumai-chan, who's just being herself, so I wish that you'd continue to be like that from now on.

Kumai: Captain has also transformed into a lovely, beautiful woman. While that happened, I feel that she went through all sorts of hardships as captain.


And in 10 years time, how will the 2 of you have changed?

Shimizu: I think that Kumai-chan will do all sorts of things. She'll model, she'll act. She'll become a person with a truckload of interests. Like she'll get interested in all sorts of things.

Kumai: I can leverage on my height for modelling, so I think I could do it.l For me, I think I'll just be as I am. As for my goal, I'd like to become a lady who's natural yet admirable. Like people would see me and want to be like me, even though I'm not doing anything in particular, I'd like to be a person whose natural appearance is alluring.

Shimizu: You've already gotten to that point.

Kumai: Thank you. I do feel like I would love to see Captain become a mother, but since she's so good at dancing, I want her to push that to the max. And also, recently, I feel that she's gotten into cooking......

Shimizu: That's true, recently (laughs).

Kumai: Perhaps being a chef wouldn't be too bad. Also, there's also that artist aspect of 'artist' Shimizu (laughs), so I hope that she flourishes in that direction as well.


{And in case you'd like a reminder of how great an 'artist' Captain is, here's a sample:}

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