Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Receiving advice from senpai Aichan (Natsuyaki Miyabi auditions)

{From the 'About Miyabi' page from Natsuyaki Miyabi's new group audition website, we have a discussion between her and former Morning Musume。 member Takahashi Ai}

It's the new group of my cute kouhai Natsuyaki Miyabi-chan
Ai:I've known you for about 10 years, but this is the first time we've done a shooting together, right?
Miyabi: Right, I'm a bit nervous (laughs). Shooting in plain clothes, it was fun thinking up how to coordinate outfits.
Ai:There's a mini 'Goes well with sneakers' theme, right? Ever since I saw how Miyabi-chan had coordinated it, I thought about how to make it match. Fully clad in white, it's cute ♥
Miyabi: Aichan's clothes are stylish, I like them. You're adorable as well today~♥ Please go shopping with me next time!
Ai: Right (laughs).  Miyabi-chan, you'll be putting together a group in the future?
Miyabi:That's right. Aichan, from your perspective, what sort of girls would make it a good group?
Ai: I guess individualistic girls, girls who wouldn't lose to Miyabi-chan's character~ Also, girls with good personalities! This is pretty important (laughs)!
Miyabi: Indeed (laughs).
Ai:Also, their goal to make a group with Miyabi-chan would be the same, so wouldn't girls who like singing and dancing be all right? It'd be even better if they're girls who can bring out Miyabi-chan's good taste, who are good at being their own producers.  I look forward to seeing a Miyabi-chan that's different from what we've seen so far~!
Miyabi:Right! Hearing Aichan say that has got me looking forward to it as well ♥ I wonder what sort of girls will appear~ I want to sing on-stage soon~. We'll be waiting for your applications!!

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