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H!P Maruwakari 2015 Summer DVD

Having finished the questions in the Winter 2015 Maruwakari Book, I'm currently in the process of working though the Summer 2015 Maruwakari questionnaires. With 10 questions for the 51 Hello! Project members, plus 9 questions for the 14 new faces among them. it adds up to 636 questions. To tide you over while I work on the translations, here's some clips from the DVD that came with the book.

Throughout the DVD, each of the members were asked what they'd like to do in the summer. Also linked are their answers to the same question for the PokeMo questionnaires, translations courtesy of Rokun. This'll also allow you to make a consistency check, whether or not it actually their answers are actually what they want, or are they just coming up with an answer on the spot, as it were.

What they'd like to do in summer
PokeMo answers

Maimi: Marine sports - banana boats, wakeboarding

Nacky: Camping - she's never gone camping before

Airi: Every year she says that she'd like to go to a summer festival, or play with fireworks, so this year she'd like to add BBQ-ing to that

Chisato: Take pictures of sea fish - she goes to the sea every year with her family, and since she sees lots of fish while swimming, she'd like to take pictures of them

Mai: Go to the sea and watch fireworks - she hasn't gone anywhere this year, so she'd like to go and watch fireworks in her private time

What they'd like to do in summer

Fuku-chan: Not exactly rock climbing, but some activity that involves going up rock-faces, since her younger brother is doing it

Ikuta: Fireworks - she remembers the fireworks at their last performance in Kawaguchiko, and she'd also like to have a sparkler showdown

Sayashi: She hasn't been on a summer trip since she joined Morning Musume。 When she went on trips with her family, she'd enjoy herself at the hotel pool, so the lack of pool visits makes her want to go to a pool. The Musume did do something like that last year

Zukki: At the Hello! Cons, there's a kakigoori maker, but it always runs out, so Zukki has only had it once in her four years. So she'd like to eat kakigoori at the Hello! Con

Iikubo: She keeps mentioning the same people in things like questionnaires, so she feels like she should get to know girls from the new groups, but she'd like to go to USJ with Wada-san

Ayumi: Try watermelons from all over the country - she likes watermelons, but she hasn't tried out many varieties, so she'd like to give it a try

Masaki: They went to the pool last year as '14, so she'd like to go to an even more amazing pool this year

Duu: Go to a pool

Oda: Hula dancing - she's done it once before in the past, so she'd like to do it again

Ogata: Haachin can't swim, so she's not a fan of pools or the sea, but she likes kakigoori, so she'd like to go on a kakigoori date with Fuku-chan, another kakigoori lover

Chel: She likes the sea, but she really wants to go to fireworks festival - she'd wear a yukata, walk along the stalls, watch the fireworks together with her friends

Makino: Baseball

Haga: Every time Haga goes to the sea, she gets stung by jellyfish. So she wants to go to the sea and NOT get stung by jellyfish

Youngest Haga-chan, the centre of attention

Leader making sure the kids are properly fed

What they'd like to do in summer

Wada: She always misses out on summer-only art exhibitions, so she'd like to have a look at them this year (Note: She looks pretty pissed throughout her explanation, with her face seemingly communicating 'I had to give up my leisure activities for work, like what the heck!?' Love how Ayacho's wear her emotions on her sleeve.)

Maro: BBQ - She hasn't really BBQ-ed much

Kananan: Scuba Diving - More accurately, she'd like to get a licence now that she's turned 18

Take: Watch senior high school baseball - she's still saving up money to go to Koshien, so she hopes she'll be able to go this year

Bakuwara: Fireworks with members, and have a sparkler showdown. She reveals that the members have already planned to go to a pool in their private time

Meimi: She'd like to swim in a pool, and she'd like to eat lots of kakigoori from the kakigoori maker

Murotan: Go to a festival - though those happen on Saturdays, but if work would just end early on one day, she'd like to go. There's a festival in her hometown she goes to every year, so she'd like to drop by that festival. She also goes over the food she likes - anzu ame, yakisoba. Going to the pool would lead to tanning, and she's trying her best not to get tanned

AiAi: Diet - since you sweat in summer, and doesn't that help with losing weight?  Ice cream is a must for AiAi, so she'd like to exercise while continuing to eat ice cream.

Rikako: She hasn't gone to the pool or the sea for fear of tanning, so she'd like to go to a pool without worrying about that, also she'd like to try watermelon splitting, which she hasn't done before

Focusing on the dearly departing

A surprise birthday cake for Rikako

Ayacho seems more excited about it, tbh

With the birthday girl in the middle

What they'd like to do in summer

Yuka: Walk around with a parasol every day, because she gets tanned pretty easily. Realising that it's not exactly an answer, she then tells us she wants to go around to kakigoori stores, as there are a lot of kakigoori speciality stores

Kntm: Karaoke by herself - it's not related to summer though. She'll be turning twenty this summer, so there are a lot more things she can do. She still hasn't had the courage to go for karaoke by herself, so she hopes she'll be able to do so once she turns twenty. Maybe she'll sing grown-up songs, ballads, like Matsuura-san's 'Dearest'.

Sayuki: Watermelon splitting

Karin: Kakigoori with fruits

Aarii: Fireworks festival

What they'd like to do in summer

Momo: Watching fireworks with all the members

Risa: Risa has water balloons fights every year, so she'd like to do that this year. It's her first summer with Country Girls, so she'd like to hang out with everyone and have sleepovers

Manakan: Go to the sea with Country Girls and do things like watermelon splitting. Wear yukata with the members of H!P, and play with fireworks

Chiitan: Watermelon splitting with the members, and have a sleepover

Ozeki: Would like to have a camp, a sleepover with the members - they'd do things like have pillow fights and girl-to-girl discussions

Momochi-PM getting things sorted out


What they'd like to do in summer

Fujii: Go up the mountains and listen to the crickets

Ayapan: Go to the beach with Kobushi, eat at a beach house, play beach volleyball, enjoy the summer

Nomu-san: Play tag, and eat kakigoori. She feels that Ayapan would be good as the 'it' in tag

Renako: She'd like to go to the pool, but she wouldn't want to get tanned. She'd like to eat kakigoori - she likes lemon and blue hawaii - though she doesn't really eat blue hawaii, since it turns your tongue blue

Hamachan: Go to the sea with Kobushi Factory, and do watermelon splitting. The strong ones would be Wada Sakurako-chan and Ogawa Rena-chan. Though Wada Sakurako would probably be confused after getting spun around, so they'd have to give her proper guidance

Tagucchi: Play beach volleyball, split 4-4 between the members of Kobushi. The losing team would have to make kakigoori for the winners as a penalty

Wada Sakurako: Would like to go to the beach, under a beach umbrella.

ReiRei: Eat lots of kakigoori - blue hawaii flavour

What they'd like to do in summer

OgataR: Would like to eat a lot of kakigoori

Riko: Wear a yukata, and go to a festival, do yo-yo fishing, have meal at stalls

Niinuma: She'd like to eat kakigoori, as she hasn't had much this year. She normally gets strawberry flavour, and she'd like to try melon flavour, which she hasn't tried much of
(Interlude: Riko's asked about her impression of Niinuma: When she first joined, I thought she had this strange atmosphere to her)

Tanimoto: She'd like to have nagashi soumen.

Yumeno: Go to the sea and do things like watermelon splitting. She doesn't really do it with her family, so she'd like to try that out, and maybe beach volleyball

Kiki: Play fireworks with family.

{Not too simple to summarise, but these are what seemed popular:

  • Going to the sea/beach
  • Fireworks - either watching them at a festival or playing with sparklers
  • Going to summer festivals
  • Kakigoori
  • Watermelon splitting
  • Going to the pool - though it might lead to tanning}

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