Thursday, 26 May 2016

Morning Musume。´14 and guitars

In 2014, each H!P group had the opportunity to make their own digital photo book as part of the au Book Pass campaign. Each group got to choose their own theme, and would take photos and choose which pictures to use. The theme chosen by the Musume was 'Bunkasai Joshi' - 'Liberal Arts Girls'. Along with that, each of the then-five groups were also interviewed about the process. Here's an excerpt from Morning Musume。´14's interview.

Sato It was my first time holding a guitar, and I thought that it was heavy. I can't play it at all, so if I'm able to play the guitar someday, I'd like to try playing a song composed by Tsunku♂-san.
──Singing to your own accompaniment?
Sato Yup. When the day comes where I'm able to do it, I'd like to surprise people, make them go, 'Eh, Is that Maachan playing the guitar?'

──I see (laughs). By the way, is there anyone amongst you who can actually play the guitar?
All ……(Silence)。
──Ah, no one plays it? (laughs)
Kudo I've learnt a bit, but I felt like I had no talent for it, so I quit halfway. In the first place, guitars are heavy, so I thought that they'd be impossible for me.
Ikuta I've got an electric guitar at home that I got before as a present, but I've only got that, I don't even have anything to connect it to an amp. Since I can't actually play it, it's ended up as a decoration (laughs).
Fukumura It really suits you, holding a guitar. You might have brought out the most atmosphere.
Ikuta Fufufufufu (laughs).
Oda I remember a bit about the guitar. I thought that I'd improve my musicianship if I could play an instrument, and the way I listened to songs…… the way I listened to the musical accompaniment changed. My mother used to play the guitar a bit in the past, but I've never felt curious enough to touch the one at home. I was small at the time, and my mother warned me not to touch it as well, since some of the strings had broken. But I'd like to learn the guitar, and study about music more earnestly.

I've also previously translated Berryz Kobo's whole interview for this campaign.

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  1. where can I find photos of this " au 『Book Pass』 Presents HELLO!PROJECT Original Photo Book Produce Battle!"? ANd if I'm right, Morning Musume won huh?

    1. I couldn't really find a place that had all the photos centralised, so can't help you there.

      And Berryz won.