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JOQR Otenki Nori no Recomen! - Captain & Momochi (2014.11.24 )

Snippets from a radio show Captain and Momochi were on, doing promotions for their final single 'Towa no Uta / Romance wo Katatte'. For reference, this was way before Captain announced that she'd become a H!P Advisor, though after it was revealed that Momochi had been named as Country Girls' Playing Manager.

The host has an extremely enthusiastic welcome for Saki-chan... and a terse, much-less-excited welcome for Momochi. Momochi immediately points out the difference in treatment, but the host brushes it off. As you'll see, this'll be a recurring theme. All in good fun though.

Thoughts on their hiatus
Shimizu: It's not as if it isn't sad to part, but beyond that sadness, we'd like to enjoy the moment.
Tsugunaga: Yup, it's really sad.

Their plans post-hiatus
Shimizu: I don't have anything decided yet.
Host: You haven't thought of anything?
Shimizu: Not yet, though it is something that's playing on my mind.
Host: It's playing in your mind. While on the other hand, you've got Momochi, who's all carefree. (laughs)
Tsugunaga: Lots of things have been playing in my mind as well~
Host: So Momochi, what have you been thinking about?
Tsugunaga: ...Lots of things... ♥
Shimizu: (laughing) She's running away from the question!
Tsugunaga: ...Lots of things! (laughs)

What they do on their days off
Tsugunaga: For me, the greatest luxury is getting to sleep without my alarm clock on, and waking up at noon.
Shimizu: I go shopping, I love it. But I'm generally indecisive, so if I go with friends, I'll end up taking lots of their time. So I generally go alone.

What's most important to you
Host: What's your eternal thing, the most important thing to you, something you can't give up?
Shimizu: Berryz Kobo is important to me-
Host: I see. Well, that's obvious-
Tsugunaga: (cutting in) It's the same for me~!
Shimizu: She said something different before.
Tsugunaga: No, that's what I think from the bottom of my heart.
Shimizu: Momochi, just a moment ago, you were like, 'It's definitely got to be my cuteness ♥' (laughs)
Tsugunaga: Well, that's a fact after all (laughs)
Host: Well of course Berryz Kobo is important to you, but besides that, is there anything that's important to you?
Tsugunaga: Well, as mentioned before, it'd be my cuteness. It's not that I want it to continue forever, but it continues to remain eternal of its own accord.
Host: Scary, isn't it? It's neverending?
Tsugunaga: It's neverending. It never stops evolving. (laughs)

Host: Do you have siblings?
Tsugunaga: I've got a younger brother
Shimizu: I've got an older brother.
Host: Are you on good terms with one another?
Shimizu: We are now.
Tsugunaga: I'd say that our relationship nothing out of the ordinary.
Host: Momochi, the way you say it lack persuasiveness. Are you just on good terms for business purposes?
Tsugunaga: We don't have that sort of reciprocity.
Host: Well said! (laughs) And Saki-chan, you have an older brother? 
Shimizu: Three years my senior.
Host: Your brother must have been completely fine with such a cute little sister.
Shimizu: No way. In the past, it was like we used to quarrel every day. It's only recently that we started being able to talk with one another.
Host: I still quarrel with my brother even now.
Shimizu: Is that so? That must be tough.
Host: This discussion has gotten a bit too realistic (laughs).

Host: So what sort of pyjamas do you wear when you go to bed?
Tsugunaga: You know, you've got this huge grin on your face as you're asking us that! Ewww!
Host: Saki-chan, what do you wear as pyjamas?
Tsugunaga: Yes Saki-chan, what do you wear? A negligee? A negligee?
Shimizu: Shorts and a T-shirt. Comfy clothes.
Host: What colour are your shorts?
Shimizu: Grey.
Host: Ooh, the same as me.
Tsugunaga: So where'd you get them? Uniqlo? Uniqlo?
Host: And you?
Tsugunaga: I wear pink, fluffy pyjamas
(Crickets chirp)
Host:... Enough with that already. No way that's true...
Tsugunaga: Saki-chan, you've seen them before, right?
Shimizu: I have! But they're covered with lint. (laughs)
Host: Is there really that much lint?
Tsugunaga: I might have overdone it with the washing (laughs)

Host: Is there something you always need to have at meals?
Shimizu: It used to be milk, but recently it's been water.
Tsugunaga: I don't order drinks. And it's not because I'm poor! Even at concerts, I don't drink much, so I don't sweat that much.
Host: That might not be a good thing - your sweat shows how much you're into the performance.
Tsugunaga: It ruins our makeup though~💄

Favourite food
Shimizu: Ice cream. Any flavour. Refreshing ones or sweet ones. I could eat ice cream 365 days in a year.
Tsugunaga: Yeah, she had some, about half an hour before the broadcast.
Host: Isn't it cold right now?
Shimizu: The season doesn't matter (laughs). I can have ice cream the whole year round. It's a daily reward to myself.
Host: Ice cream, that's nice. And Momochi?
Tsugunaga: Strawberry shortcake for me~ 🍰
Shimizu: (immediately follows up) Not true! Not true! She likes things like sea urchins and amberjack. (laughs)

Host: Idols don't really eat yakiniku, do they?
Shimizu: We do, we do. Berryz Kobo loves yakiniku.
Host: You're quite the carnivores?
Shimizu: Yup, for meat.
Host: Like, you don't eat rice?
Shimizu & Tsugunaga: We do, we do.
Tsugunaga: A large helping, in fact.
Host: Well for Momochi, I can kind of see that. (laughs)
Tsugunaga: It shows, huh. (slightly bitter tone)
Host: Saki-chan, you too?
Shimizu: I do. I love white rice.
Host: I see. I quite like white rice myself.
Tsugunaga: You would, wouldn't you (laughs).
Host: Isn't it unfair? She eats ice cream and rice, but it doesn't show on Saki-chan at all.
Shimizu: No, no.
Tsugunaga: She's got a slender skeletal structure.

Host: A listener looked up the words 'Tsugunaga Momoko lint', and got 129,000 hits. (laughs)
Shimizu: That's amazing!
Tsugunaga: Why would you even need to look that up!
Shimizu: Amazing!
Host: Momochi, your lint character is amazing!
Tsugunaga: Stop that!
Host: You might as well just go on to be 'Lint' Momochi. What do you think about being a lint character?
Tsugunaga: It doesn't make me happy at all.
Host: Maybe everyone thinks it, they just don't say it. Like at handshake events, they're thinking 'Well isn't there a lot of lint?'
Tsugunaga: That's true, there are people who look at my clothes instead of my eyes (laughs).
Shimizu: That's hilarious~

Kanjuku Berryz Kobo The Final Completion Box / Berryz Kobo

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