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Miyamoto Karin and Uemura Akari (UTB May 2016)

Released at the end of the school year, this edition of the magazine came out about a week or two before Juice=Juice got the fateful news about their Budokan performance. Karin-chan and Aarii were interviewed as part of the magazine's promotion for H!P Best Shot Vol 23.

I think that making the Budokan performance a reality will be how we repay the favours we owe
Looking back over the school year, what do you think?

'I grew out my hair that I'd cut drastically short (laughs), we released an album, had a nationwide live tour, starred in a drama. It was a busy year with lots of changes that left us dizzy, but we were really watched over warmly by the members of staff around us and the Juice=Juice family, so I think that it was a year where we were enveloped in love'

In particular, taking on the role of Hidaka Aiko in the drama 'Budokan' must have been a huge challenge.

'Though I'm an idol, I thought that I shouldn't act in a way that would be disrespectful to actresses, and my co-stars were also amazing people, so I was worried that I might feel out of place. But I really learnt a lot, and I think it helped me develop. And I'm glad that even after we were done with the shooting, I was still able to interact as Aiko through NEXT YOU events'

Looking at the entirety of Hello!, there are kouhai who admire Miyamoto-san (laughs).

'It makes me extremely happy when Country Girls' Musubu-chan and Yanagawa-chan say that, but I've got to make up for it by being reliable, and I'd like to tease them.

Finally, what's your goal for the next school year!

'Firstly, we've got to respond in kind towards the love that we've received over the past year, and I think that a Budokan performance would the biggest way to repay the favour. In the midst of that, while we're raising the level of our dancing and singing individually, our powers become different when all 5 of us are together. I'd like us to become a group that's terrifyingly amazing. Personally, I'd like to become even more knowledgeable about 80s idols. I like Matsuda Seiko-san, and I'd like to learn more about the other idols from that generation, and make use of that knowledge in my own performances'

I've become used to solo photo shoots and interviews (laughs)

This past school year has been a year with a lot of firsts, hasn't it?
In April, Juice=Juice acquired our first Oricon Weekly first, our first starring role in a drama, and personally, I came out with my first photobook. Personally and as a group, it was a year where we were able to do all sorts of huge jobs. I was nervous at first for solo magazine work, and interviews were hard for me since I get tongue-tied. I can't conclude my statements, I just take up too much time (laughs). However, our member Kanazawa Tomoko-chan knows a lot of difficult words, so using her as a reference, I'd like to overcome that'

What memories do you have of your photobook 'AKARI'?

'The Labrador Retriever that I took shots with was adorable, and I'm really curious how much that doggy has grown. The shooting was at Okinawa, but after that, as Juice=Juice were on our way to conquer the 47 prefectures, we went to Okinawa, and I felt a connection. It seems that the fans had gone to the places where I'd done the shootings, which made me happy'

The drama shooting must have been tough as well though.

'The staff members of the drama were really warm, and it made me happy to see them come to our concerts, waving glowsticks for us. It was sad to part once the filming ended, but from now on, I'd like to challenge myself to acting work, in the hopes that I'll work with those staff members again'

And, as Juice=Juice, your goal is also a Budokan performance.

We'd like to polish up my singing and dancing, so that we'll be able to stand on the Budokan stage in perfect condition!'

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