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Arai Hitomi - Young King No. 14 (2014/06/23)

The pure white princess who's loved by everyone, or
The jet black queen who is completely entrancing
Which Hitomi will we fall for!?
We can make a choice! Which do your prefer?

Please tell us your thoughts on this photo shoot!

Getting to wear both cool styles and cute styles in a single photo shoot isn't something that often happens, so I had fun. I discovered that these sorts of black outfits suit me as well. The white outfit is closer to my usual image. I personally wear a lot of skirts, but recently I've also been wearing trousers. I'll become a senior high schooler this spring, so I'm thinking that this year I might wear oneesan-ish, more stylish clothes.

What sort of group is 'Tokyo Joshiryu'?

We're a girl group where all 5 members sing and dance, and have activities based on the concept that 'We'd like to convey the joy of music to all the countries in Asia, not just Japan'... Having said that, I'd never danced at all in the past. I would end up in such a panic, trying to remember the moves with everything I had, so I thought I was a bit bad at it. But when I left my hometown of Miyagi prefecture for Tokyo, I started being able to get proper dance lessons, where I made lots of new discoveries, like 'Ah, you can make these kinds of moves', or 'There's this sort of dance genre', and now I enjoy dancing.

I've always loved to sing from when I was small. My granny would often teach me nursery rhymes, like 'Akai Kutsu'. When I was in primary school, I'd unconsciously start humming in the middle of class, and the boy in the seat next to me would always go 'Shuddup~' (laughs).

Tell us about your 4th album, 'Killing Me Softly' that went on sale on the 4th of June.

There are songs that are very much an expression of the current 'Joshiryu', as well as cool songs, and songs where we sing of friendship... There are songs from various genres in the album, so I think that no matter who's listening to it or when they're listening to it, there's something for them to enjoy.

Our songs are titled 'TGS something-something', where we'd put in a number according to order of release, and we've come out with about 40 at the moment. Our debut song was 'TGS01 Kirari☆', but even before that, there was a 'TGS00' that had been made... When we made our debut 4 years ago, it was considered too difficult for us at the time, and for that reason, it was left unreleased for the longest time, but now it's become the title of this album, 'Killing Me Softly'. Going with our group's trend, the song is represented as 'TGS00 Killing Me Softly' as it was made at the very start, so we'd like lots of people to listen to it!

Please tell us what you like about yourself.

My favourite part is... Hmm, let me think. But I guess it's got to be my eyes. Though they become like Gachapin's when I'm sleepy (laughs). Also, people tell me that I'm strong! It seems that I've got quite the grip strength. So when someone can't open their luggage, that's when I come in. I'm proud of my hidden strength, so they can leave it to me.

Hitomi-chan, you hail from Miyagi, don't you?

Yup! Miyagi's a great place. We've got seas, mountains, rivers... We've got lots of delicious things. I wish that everyone would come and drop by. The souvenir I'd recommend would definitely have to be 'Hagi no Tsuki'! It's like ice cream if you eat it while it's frozen, and it's really yummy. I love ice cream.... Actually, after this job, I'm thinking about going to an ice cream store (laughs). My favourite is 'Cookies and Cream', but it seems like the seasonal flavours are coming out now, so I'm going to have those...♥

What do you do on your days off?

When I had a break the other day, I went to a store named 'Pancake Days'! I ate a 3-layer pancake covered in caramel sauce, and it was so delicious that I'd like to go there again.

I like cooking as well, and I often do it. I make my bento for school every day, I haven't bought one even once. My speciality is fried rice with basil olive oil!

It's not your run-of-the-mill oil, the highlight is that I use basil olive oil. My mother often makes it, and I picked it up from her since it's really delicious.

Please tell us your favourite type of guy.

I'd like someone who's gentle, someone who'll teach me all sorts of things. Also, if possible, someone who can cook would be nice. Cooking together in the kitchen, doesn't it sound like such fun? Even my dad has whipped up some delicious omurice for me.

Please give a message to our readers!

Given that we're 'Tokyo Joshiryu', we have a lot of activities in Tokyo, but I think it would be great of we would have more frequent live performances at other localities. We'll do our best both in Japan and in Asia, so 'Tokyo Joshiryu' beg for your kind support from now on as well ♪

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