Thursday, 14 April 2016

Momochi no Kimochi: Sushi Janken (Essay #9/22)

At my home, when we order sushi, 
we use a system whereby
janken is used to decide the order 
of who gets to pick what they prefer. 

By right, my favourites are amberjack and white fishes, 
but I've developed a strategy for those times:
I'll pick up the popular ones like sea urchins or fatty tuna first.

And in the midst of that, my Papa will happily be going,
'I got the the egg♪' or 'Ah, lean tuna, that's mine'.

While I normally wouldn't think something like 
'If I can't get my hands on the fatty tuna, 
then tuna rolls can act as a substitute'
I'll end up getting taking them
Having gotten caught up in the mood of the moment.

How childish~

Well, for me, the ones I like are easy to line up, 
so Papa's presence is welcome.

I'm always grateful ♥

Tsugunaga Momoko Photo Essay "Momochi no Kimochi" / Momoko Tsugunaga
Momoko Tsugunaga

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