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What they love so much that they could faint! - Manakan, Chiitan, Yamakki, Kishimon, Ozeko

{LoGirL is doing features on the stage-play Engeki Joshibu 'Kizetsu suru hodo Aishiteru!', including some interviews with the cast members. Here are some parts that tickled my fancy, from two of those interviews.

I realise that Countryside Translations has already translated the whole Inaba x Morito interview, so that's a more complete read. But since I'd already done these excerpts, and I hate to discard something that's already been fully completed, I thought I'd just put up what I'd done.}

──In connection to the title [of the play, 'Kizetsu suru hodo Aishiteru!' - 'I love you so much that I could faint!'], Inaba-san, is there anything that you love so much that you could faint?
Inaba Dancing. I've been dancing from when I was small, but my love for it grows more and more every day. Recently, there have been times when I can't sleep because I can't help but want to dance.
Morito That's amazing! You like it that much?
Inaba I end up getting out of bed and doing some light dancing. Once I feel like it, I go back to sleep. There's not a day that goes by without me dancing. There are times when I'm dancing before I know it, and when that happens, I think that it means I probably haven't danced enough on that day. I can't live without dancing.

── Morito-san, is there anything you love so much that you could faint?
Morito Melons. I ate some just this morning, but I really like them. I eat them about once a week!
Inaba Not every day then.
Morito That's right. Ah, but I watch videos of Sayashi (Riho)-san every day. I really like Sayashi-san, which led me to apply for Morning Musume。-san's auditions, so it's like I love her so much that I could faint! If a day goes by without me watching a video of Sayashi-san, I feel like there's something missing! I probably like Sayashi-san more than melons!
──Inaba-san, is there anyone you love so much that you could faint!?
Inaba My family. I really love my mother in particular.
Morito Manaka-chan's affection towards her mother really gets across. She'll make sure to talk to her mother once a day, and when she eats something delicious, she'll say 'I want to let my mother taste this'.
Inaba Oh my, that's what you think? How embarrassing. 


──Following on from the title of the play, 'Kizetsu suru hodo Aishiteru!' - 'I love you so much that I could faint', is there anything that 'You love so much that you could faint!'?
Ozeki The cats that I've been raising at home. I like cats, but I think the cats like me so much that they could faint!
Yamaki Aren't you just being excessively self-conscious?
Ozeki No, no, it's mutual love! They'll see me off when I leave home.
Kishimoto That's cute.
Ozeki They'll also come next to me when I'm sleeping, and they'll constantly follow me.
Yamaki They follow you around!
Ozeki Even when I get home, they'll pop up and show their faces, welcoming me back with their faces.
Yamaki Welcoming you back with their faces?
Ozeki It's true. Cats have facial expressions as well.
Yamaki But, it's true that Mai-chan really likes cats.
Ozeki Yup. They soothe me every day.

──Yamaki-san, what's something that you like so much that you could faint?
Yamaki Frogs. I like real frogs. Not cartoonish frogs.
Kishimoto Oh, I didn't know that.
Yamaki Live frogs. While I do like small frogs like Japanese tree frogs, I also like big frogs such as the American bullfrog. We do rice harvesting as a school activity, but what I look forward to are the frogs that come out after we harvest the rice rather than the rice plants themselves.
Ozeki That's amazing.
Yamaki Previously, a friend gave me a completely pea-green frog T-shirt as a birthday present, and I've worn that to practice. When I did that, the general reaction was that people would draw back.
Ozeki Obviously.
Yamaki But, I was also wearing socks with a frog design on them on that day as well, so I challenged the practice in an excited state.
──Well then, Kishimoto-san, what's something you love so much that you could faint?
Kishimoto If it's 'something I love', it would be people, like my mother or Berryz Kobo-san. I've got lots, and it's gradually growing. And recently, I've come to like Country Girls-san. 
Yamaki Ozeki Ehh!?
Kishimoto (Voice suddenly grows louder) It's similar to why I like Berryz Kobo-san, in that what I like isn't just the fact that you're amazing at singing and dancing, I also love that you 'Mess around seriously'!
Yamaki We do get excited.
Kishimoto There's also the fact that Tsugunaga Momoko-san is your Playing Manager, but Country Girls has have inherited their 'Messing around seriously'! Your MCs are really funny, and you always seem like you're having such fun! Watching people enjoy themselves makes me grow excited as well, and I feel like I'd always like to keep my eyes on Country Girls-san!
Yamaki Thank you so much!
Ozeki It's thanks to Momochi-senpai.
Kishimoto I'd like Tsubaki Factory to learn how to 'Mess around seriously'.
Yamaki But Tsubaki Factory seem to enjoy yourselves excitedly during breaks. Particularly Tanimoto Ami-chan, she really laughs a lot. 
Kishimoto Yup, she really does, and she's got a loud voice.
Yamaki She's always laughing, to the point where I wonder if you can hear her laughter from outside our training room.
──By the way, for Country Girls, does Momochi-senpai guide you for MCs?

 If I had to say, Momochi-senpai's the type that shows things through her actions. She doesn't instruct us like, 'Please do it in this way', instead we learn by watching and learning from what Momochi-senpai puts into practice. 
Kishimoto I see...
Yamaki That's how it is. People say 'Hyakubun ga Ikken ni shikazu', don't they? Momochi-senpai is the embodiment of that.
Ozeki ???
Yamaki Hmm? Mai-chan, do you know what it means?
Ozeki Hmm? Hyaku...bu...n?
Yamaki 'Hyakubun ha Ikken shikazu' means that it's better to see something once rather than hearing about it a hundered times.
Ozeki So that's what it means!
── Are you fine with 'embodiment'?
Ozeki It's like a representative, right? I know that one!
Yamaki It came out in the middle of practice the other day.
Ozeki Yup. I learnt about it recently!


Engeki Joshi Bu "Kizetsu suruhodo Aishiteru!" Original Soundtrack / Country GirlsBoogie Woogie LOVE / Koi wa Magnet / Ranrarun - Anata ni Muchu - / Country Girls

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