Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Momochi no Kimochi: The Olympics (Essay #13/22)

Figure skating is the sport that I watch the most during the Winter Olympics.
I can enjoy it even without knowing the rules,
and perhaps not knowing much about the rules makes it simpler to enjoy.
After all, even if their spins are lacking, I'll still think 'How pretty♥'.

And my pick has definitely got to be Asada Mao-senshu.
We're from the same generation, and she so coolly carries the weight of Japan on her shoulders.
In the midst of being under the pressure of being the centre of the world's attention,
she has to perform under conditions where no slip-ups are permitted.
It was really cool to see her successfully pull off her performance.

Besides that, she's pretty, with a body to die for.
First of all, how are her legs so long?
Her body's so supple as well, I wonder what sorts of exercises she does every day.

'I know of a good workout called the "Yurushite-nyan Taisou". Shall we do it together!?'....
I'd like to have that conversation with her someday.

She's a figure skater, while I'm an idol.
We both similarly carry the weight of Japan on our shoulders,
so I think that we'll be able to understand the hardships that we face ♥
Momoko Tsugunaga

Saturday, 25 March 2017

Maruwakari Summer 2016: One from each group

Hello! Project Maruwakari BOOK 2016 SUMMER / Hello! Project

Q8. Please make a new unit by picking a person from each group.

℃-uteMorning Musume。´16ANGERMEJuice=Juice Country GirlsKobushi FactoryTsubaki Factory
Yajima Maimi*Fukumura MizukiWada AyakaMiyazaki YukaTsugunaga MomokoHirose AyakaYamagishi Riko
Nakajima SakiFukumura MizukiKatsuta RinaMiyazaki YukaInaba ManakaOgawa RenaYamagishi Riko
Suzuki AiriOda SakuraMurota MizukiTakagi SayukiInaba ManakaTaguchi NatsumiKishimoto Yumeno
Okai ChisatoOda SakuraTakeuchi AkariMiyamoto KarinFunaki MusubuInoue ReiKishimoto Yumeno
Hagiwara MaiSato MasakiSasaki RikakoKanazawa TomokoOzeki MaiInoue ReiTanimoto Ami
Morning Musume。´16
Fukumura MizukiNakajima SakiTakeuchi AkariMiyamoto KarinYamaki RisaInoue ReiKishimoto Yumeno
Ikuta ErinaYajima MaimiSasaki RikakoUemura AkariYanagawa NanamiInoue ReiKishimoto Yumeno
Iikubo HarunaNakajima SakiWada AyakaUemura AkariMorito ChisakiInoue ReiKishimoto Yumeno
Ishida AyumiOkai ChisatoKamikokuryo MoeMiyamoto KarinFunaki MusubuTaguchi NatsumiAsakura Kiki
Sato MasakiHagiwara MaiAikawa MahoMiyamoto KarinMorito ChisakiHirose AyakaKishimoto Yumeno
Kudo HarukaHagiwara MaiWada AyakaKanazawa TomokoYamaki RisaInoue ReiKishimoto Yumeno
Oda SakuraNakajima SakiWada AyakaMiyazaki YukaOzeki MaiTaguchi NatsumiTanimoto Ami
Ogata HarunaSuzuki AiriNakanishi KanaMiyazaki YukaInaba ManakaFujii RioTanimoto Ami
Nonaka MikiYajima MaimiWada AyakaMiyamoto KarinYanagawa NanamiInoue ReiTanimoto Ami
Makino MariaHagiwara MaiSasaki RikakoTakagi SayukiTsugunaga MomokoFujii RioKishimoto Yumeno
Haga AkaneSuzuki AiriMurota MizukiTakagi SayukiMorito ChisakiTaguchi NatsumiNiinuma Kisora
Wada AyakaYajima MaimiIikubo HarunaMiyamoto KarinMorito ChisakiNomura MinamiNiinuma Kisora
Nakanishi KanaNakajima SakiOgata HarunaMiyazaki YukaOzeki MaiHirose AyakaYamagishi Riko
Takeuchi AkariOkai ChisatoIshida AyumiUemura AkariMorito ChisakiTaguchi NatsumiTanimoto Ami
Katsuta RinaHagiwara MaiMakino MariaMiyazaki YukaYanagawa NanamiOgawa RenaTanimoto Ami
Murota MizukiSuzuki AiriOda SakuraMiyazaki YukaYamaki RisaNomura MinamiKishimoto Yumeno
Aikawa MahoNakajima SakiHaga AkaneMiyazaki YukaYamaki RisaFujii RioNiinuma Kisora
Sasaki RikakoOkai ChisatoMakino MariaTakagi SayukiFunaki MusubuNomura MinamiAsakura Kiki
Kamikokuryo MoeSuzuki AiriSato MasakiUemura AkariFunaki MusubuTaguchi NatsumiTanimoto Ami
Miyazaki YukaSuzuki AiriFukumura Mizuki (& Makino Maria)Nakanishi KanaTsugunaga MomokoHamaura AyanoAsakura Kiki
Kanazawa TomokoSuzuki AiriIshida AyumiAikawa MahoYamaki RisaInoue ReiAsakura Kiki
Takagi SayukiHagiwara MaiIikubo HarunaKatsuta RinaMorito ChisakiFujii RioKishimoto Yumeno
Miyamoto KarinOkai ChisatoIshida AyumiTakeuchi AkariFunaki MusubuTaguchi NatsumiAsakura Kiki
Uemura AkariSuzuki AiriOgata HarunaNakanishi KanaFunaki MusubuHamaura AyanoKishimoto Yumeno
Country Girls
Tsugunaga MomokoHagiwara MaiMakino MariaAikawa MahoMiyamoto KarinNomura MinamiTanimoto Ami
Yamaki RisaYajima MaimiMakino MariaKamikokuryo MoeUemura AkariOgawa RenaNiinuma Kisora
Morito ChisakiHagiwara MaiIikubo HarunaKamikokuryo MoeUemura AkariInoue ReiNiinuma Kisora
Ozeki MaiHagiwara MaiHaga AkaneSasaki RikakoUemura AkariInoue ReiAsakura Kiki
Yanagawa NanamiSuzuki AiriMakino MariaWada AyakaMiyamoto KarinHamaura AyanoAsakura Kiki
Funaki MusubuYajima MaimiSato MasakiSasaki RikakoMiyamoto KarinFujii RioAsakura Kiki
Kobushi Factory
Fujii RioOkai ChisatoIshida AyumiKamikokuryo MoeMiyamoto KarinFunaki MusubuAsakura Kiki
Hirose AyakaNakajima SakiIkuta ErinaTakeuchi AkariKanazawa TomokoOzeki MaiKishimoto Yumeno
Nomura MinamiOkai ChisatoFukumura MizukiSasaki RikakoTakagi SayukiOzeki MaiYamagishi Riko
Ogawa RenaYajima MaimiKudo HarukaKatsuta RinaKanazawa TomokoYamaki RisaYamagishi Riko
Hamaura AyanoSuzuki AiriSato MasakiMurota MizukiUemura AkariInaba ManakaKishimoto Yumeno
Taguchi NatsumiSuzuki AiriIshida AyumiMurota MizukiKanazawa TomokoMorito ChisakiYamagishi Riko
Wada SakurakoYajima MaimiFukumura MizukiAikawa MahoUemura AkariOzeki MaiKishimoto Yumeno
Inoue ReiHagiwara MaiKudo HarukaSasaki RikakoUemura AkariMorito ChisakiKishimoto Yumeno
Tsubaki Factory
Yamagishi RikoOkai ChisatoSato MasakiAikawa MahoUemura AkariYamaki RisaWada Sakurako
Ogata RisaNakajima SakiOgata HarunaNakanishi KanaMiyamoto KarinMorito ChisakiFujii Rio
Niinuma KisoraYajima MaimiMakino MariaWada AyakaUemura AkariYamaki RisaInoue Rei
Tanimoto AmiSuzuki AiriKudo HarukaSasaki RikakoUemura AkariMorito ChisakiTaguchi Natsumi
Kishimoto YumenoHagiwara MaiIshida AyumiKatsuta RinaTakagi SayukiTsugunaga MomokoInoue Rei
Asakura KikiSuzuki AiriOda SakuraKamikokuryo MoeKanazawa TomokoFunaki MusubuNomura Minami
*Maimi picked the leaders of each unit rather than naming members individually. Tsugunaga was used for Country Girls, which does not officially have a leader.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Momochi no Kimochi: Friday (Essay #12/22)

[Preface: FRIDAY is a tabloid magazine. In the H!P fandom, they are notorious for publishing 'scandal' shots that have been the death knell of several members' idol careers. 
H!P idols who have had their career cut short after being 'Fridayed' include former Morning Musume。 members Yaguchi Mari, Kago Ai, and Fujimoto Miki. 
A more recent Friday incident would be the recent 'scandal shot' involving Okai Chisato and Sudo Maasa. 
In general, being told that Friday has a scoop on you is not good news.]

At the end of last year, on a day that was drawing close to the end of the year.

'Tsugunaga, come here for a moment,' my manager-san called out to me.

'Eh? What's up?' I wondered, and my manager-san said with a serious look on their face, 'There's a photo of you in Friday magazine......'

Eh??? What the?? Obviously I had no memory of this. But, Friday, that Friday?

'No way that's true. I've got nothing to be guilty about!', 'It's got to be fake news!'

As I pleaded my case, the thought that it might be someone who looked similar to me crossed my mind.

While I was in a complete panic, my manager-san continued.

'You went out for ice cream with another person. They caught it on camera.'

'No way, I didn't! I mean, I don't even have anyone who'd go out with me like that.'

I was trying to clarify with all my life. And then, my manager-san......

'No, I think you did...... With Tokunaga.' (grin)

That's right, on that day, I had gone out to eat ice cream with my groupmate Tokunaga Chinami at the park behind the office.

Oh Friday-san, going all paparazzi on me, when I was just enjoying the moment on a bright and beautiful evening! And my manager-san is to blame as well!

By the way, the ice cream I had on that day was a Yukimi Daifuku.
Even now, when I have that ice cream, Friday comes to mind.