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3 big incidents (TopYell+ 2014 H!P Great Dictionary)

In TopYell+ H!P edition (March 2014), there's a segment that's referred to as the Hello! Pro great dictionary - basically your run of the mill questionnaire.
Although it's set out by person, I'm arranging it by question instead. Links to the other questions I've translated in this series are at the end.

Q7. What are 3 big incidents that happened since you joined Hello! Pro?

Q7. What are 3 big incidents that happened since you joined Hello! Pro?

Michishige Sayumi
1. Getting my first solo regular radio show, 'Konya mo Usa-chan Peace' on CBC Radio
2. Not getting a single line in a musical that Morning Musume. was starring in
3. Becoming leader of Morning Musume. '14 

Fukumura Mizuki
1. Surprise entry
On the day of the announcement of the 9th gen members, I was nervous and excited, wondering who'd get in. But never in my wildest dreams did I think my name would get called on-stage! On that day, I was busy with photo shoots the whole day.

2. The first time getting songs of my own
The Hello! Pro Eggs sing our senpai's songs, so we didn't have a song of our own. I'll treasure the first time I received the songs 'Watashi no Tamago' as part of a Shugo Chara Egg unit, and my Morning Musume début song, 'Maji Desuka Suka'.

3. My shoes flying off!
This is a little funny (laughs). It was difficult to pick three things in my Hello! Pro life. But in the middle of a concert, my sneakers got loose and flew up high. I feel that anyone who saw it wouldn't have forgotten it.

Ikuta Erina
1. Even though I've got solo parts in our coupling songs, I haven't got any solo parts in a single
2. Unthinkably, getting 9 close-ups in a music video!!!!! Sayashi gets about 20
3. Being at 'the edge' of the first row at the 2nd single from my début!!

Sayashi Riho
1. Having the fly of my trousers open throughout a whole concert performance!!
2. Slipping from the stairs when singing a solo song at a Hello! Con!!
3. Inconveniencing the members, the staff-san, and all of the fans by getting sciatica

Suzuki Kanon
1. Riding on an airplane!  That was a first experience for me, and it moved me emotionally as we flew to Osaka
2.The entry of the 10th gen. While I still had lingering feelings for my days in Aichi, Sato Masaki-chan's lack of inhibition was surprising.
3. Mitsui Aika-san's graduation. While the other senpais had a long build-up, her announcement was made at the last moment, so I was shocked and unable to accept it

Iikubo Haruna
1. At the Utsunomiya concert, the venue was painted in the colour of honey for my birthday
2. Graduating from the colour chocolate
3. Being set up for a New Year's prank by a prank-pulling programme

Ishida Ayumi
1. Tsunku♂-san mentioning to me 'Why don't you try dyeing your hair?'
2. My height (probably...) not growing by even a centimetre
3. Unintentionally eating the karaage bento that Tanaka Reina-san had set aside...

Sato Masaki
1. Quarrelling with Suzuki (Kanon)-san and crying.
2. Skipping over the lyrics in a concert
3. Getting celebrated with cake and glowsticks by the fans and the members at my first concert

Kudo Haruka
1. 'Successfully making it into Morning Musume.'
It really was a surprise! I was like 'Really!? Really!?'

2. 'The incident where my skirt slipped down'
During an Egg event, I was small in stature and slender, so the costume size didn't really fit well, and I slipped out of my skirt in front of the whole audience (laughs)

3. 'Bokura no Kagayaki'
This was the first song I heard after joining the Eggs, and I came to like it

4. Working together with Maachan for 'Top Yell'-san!!

Oda Sakura
1. Sakura no Shirabe (my solo event) turning into a series!
2. The Budokan live!!!
3. Acquiring 4 successive 1st places on the Oricon Weekly Chart ☆

Q7. What are 3 big incidents that happened since you joined Hello! Pro?

Shimizu Saki
1. 10 whole years of Berryz Kobo (10 whole years as Captain)
2. There actually was a time when I grew in height by 10 centimetres!
3. Getting a 'thirty-year-old' call from the members and fans (laughs)

Tsugunaga Momoko
1. Getting a grape gummi from Ishikawa Rika-san and putting it in my treasure box
2. Being more popular overseas than Lady Gaga-sama
3. Participating in the sports festival with a high fever. And being faster than usual (laughs)

Tokunaga Chinami
1. Being pricked at the sole of my foot by a piercing 
2. Being unable to go to a festival in my home town
3. Being unable to continue with badminton

Sudo Maasa
1. Cutting my hair!
2. Breaking a doorknob
3. Oversleeping 3 times last year

Natsuyaki Miyabi
1. My solo at the Budokan live
2. My tear ducts becoming weak (laughs)
3. Starting a blog

Kumai Yurina
1. Heading towards the wings of the stage of the Budokan, I boldly fell over (laughs). The injury's still there and it hasn't gotten any better (T_T)
1[sic]. Getting hit by either influenza A or B in a short period of time! All of the members caught the flu, and at the time we were called things like Influ Kobo (laughs)
3. Ripping my trousers at the encore for the Thailand live! That was really embarassing (laughs)

Sugaya Risako
1. I was changing clothes quickly, and then went back on the stage just like that, without the microphone!
2. When a mike slipped out of my hand and fell off the stage!
3. There was a time when I held the mike upside down and sang like that!!

Q7. What are 3 big incidents that happened since you joined Hello! Pro?

Yajima Maimi
1. Nosebleed incident!
This story is from the Kids era, but just before a performance I had a nosebleed that just wouldn't stop, so I was the only one who made a late appearance. I was in such a rush that I slipped and fell while going down the stairs, and it seemed that the noise resounded throughout the venue.
2. Getting on the Shinkansen for a live and forgetting to bring along my suitcase
3. Broken heel incident!
The heels of my pumps snapped in the middle of a live, so I was in a panic, wondering 'What should I do!?'

Nakajima Saki
1. My personality changed
Even though I was reserved, I became able to talk.
2. Falling from a car
When we were in the Kids, the car made a turn around a curve, and I fell out, tumbling
3.Finding out how sweaty my palms got
When I was handling a flag, it was slipping, slipping! Even though I wanted to stop...

Suzuki Airi
1. The formation of Buono!
I got to enjoy rock, and discover new, fun things!!
2. Around 2010~ Waking up to the wonderfulness of video productions
I got to do dramas and movies, and I came to like acting
3. At the end of 2004, catching the norovirus and losing weight (laughs)
I caught it probably around the time that I couldn't appear as a backdancer at the Kouhaku, but got well without issues, my constitution also changed (laughs).

Okai Chisato
1. Being unable to come out for the real performance!
2. Getting gastroenteritis 3 days before a musical 
3. Thinking that I was being praised when I was getting a great scolding

Hagiwara Mai
1. Not using a honorific with Tsunku♂-san's name when I was in first grade of primary
2. Accidentally letting the fans see my panties
3. Being unattractive in my 2nd year of middle school (laughs)

Q7. What are 3 big incidents that happened since you joined Hello! Pro?

Wada Ayaka
1. Discovering Manet, and entering into the world of fine arts
(In 2010, the Mitsubishi Ichigokan art gallery was holding a 'Manet and Modern Paris exhibition')
2. Getting to do a new book 'Otome no Kaiga Annai'
3. Discovering Buddha statues

Fukuda Kanon
1. Being unable to sing when I got a solo song at a Shinjin Kouen...
2. S/mileage's structure changed greatly
3. Being appointed Berryz Kobo PR ambassador by Tokunaga-san

Nakanishi Kana
1. The Great Yattaruchan Strategy
2. Getting to interact with Uehara-san from the Red Sox on Twitter
3. My first musical, 'Warera Jeanne ~Shoujo Seisen Kageki~'

Takeuchi Akari
1. Being able to join S/mileage
2. Without realising it, I became the target for teasing
3. Getting picked to do a shuffle song at a Hello! Con in a group for good dancers

Katsuta Rina
1. The dance lesson for Please Mini-skirt Postwoman
2. The MV shooting for Choto Mate Kudasai
3. Getting to stand on the stage of Morning Musume. '14-san's Nippon Budokan performance

Tamura Meimi
1. Becoming a crybaby since I joined S/mileage
2. Becoming worse at getting up
3. Becoming slow-witted

Q7. What are 3 big incidents that happened since you joined Hello! Pro?

Miyazaki Yuka
1. Remembering nothing but the moves at our first dance lesson for 'Watashi ga Iu Mae ni Dakishimenakya ne'
I had no idea that we had to memorise the move timings and the positions as well.
2. Constantly slipping up with the name if the event venue for Juice=Juice Fresh Festival
3. My innerwear had slipped down to my midsection, and when our manager-san tried to inform me, that manager's words got passed on through the mike

Kanazawa Tomoko
1. Resolutely cutting my hair!!
For me, it was a huge thing.
2. Drool... For some reason, ever since I joined Hello! Pro, it seems that I drool when I sleep... When I wake up in the mornings, my hair's soaked in it.
3. Solos!! Once at this year's New Year's Hello! Project Concert, I got to sing a solo for the very first time! I sang a song that was by Berryz Kobo-san.

Takagi Sayuki
1. The Japan Record Award New Artist Award
2. Our major début
3.Wearing a senpai's personal shoes without asking, and going on-stage

Miyamoto Karin
1. The incident when I trespassed into Morning Musume.-san's dressing room!!
A story from when we were doing the 'Ojigi de Shape up' play.
2. The incident when my name turned up on Tsugunaga-san's bromide!!
In the Naruchika bromides.
3. The incident when I didn't wear socks!
In Naruchika, to make it easier to take off my socks, I just went without them..

Uemura Akari
1. Earring incident
I searched inside Miyamoto Karin-chan's bag and found my earring
2. At a dance lesson, my partner didn't have shoes, so we went to a nearby shoe store to buy some
3. Nothing yet

My thoughts and observations:
  • Duu putting down 4 answers - but the extra one's related to the magazine, so I guess it was allowed to slide XD
  • Ikuta complaining about having no solo parts - this thing was in March, but she's brought it up pretty recently as well, in a nama-shashin (Ikuta has zero solo parts) and counting the number of syllables she got on a TV appearance (8, if you're interested). It reminds me of Sayu during the Platinum Era, where she'd bring attention to her 'solo parts', which were her going 'ooh' or 'ah'. 
  • Both of Kumaicho's #1 answers being about illness/injury.
  • Risako - She doesn't have a good relationship with microphones, does she?
  • I've been wondering what the details of Karin-chan's MM dressing room intrusion incident were. One story I've heard from that play is that Karin lent Sayu a manga and Sayu thought it was a gift. So Karin had to explain to Sayu that she wanted it back (From memory, it was on the lines of: 'Michishige-san, could I get that manga back? It's just that, my mother hasn't read it...' *include fear and trepidation to taste*). I don't think that's the trespassing incident in question though.

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Q7. What are 3 big incidents that happened since you joined Hello! Pro?
Q8. With live performances, gravure shoots, and stage plays among other things; what part of this work do you think lets you shine the most, or that you otherwise like?
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Q10. What's your favourite tree?


  1. Airi really loves buono....
    and what does momoko means of being more popular than lady gaga overseas? was that a joke ? lol
    and chinami. seemed she's full of regrets.

    1. Airi's always been very enthusiastic about Buono! Her blog post with her reaction to Berryz' hiatus announcement had her asking 'What's going to happen to Buono! after this?'.

      Momo's mention of her being more popular than Lady Gaga comes from when they were in America for AnimeNEXT 2012. Momo asked the audience who they liked more: Momochi or Lady Gaga. With an audience made up of idol fans, the response was unsurprisingly in Momo's favour. Here's a round-up of the girls' comments from AnimeNEXT, including that incident.

  2. "Hagiwara Mai
    2. Accidentally letting the fans see my panties"

    Anyone know which concert is it?? :nosebleed:

    1. I believe she had some sort of wardrobe malfunction during the 2013 HinaFes. You could start looking from there.

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