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H!P Summer 2014 KOREZO: Share it if you like it (Part VI - 17 Aug)

For the KOREZO! performances held during the current Hello! Con (Summer 2014), there's a corner where the girls can bring up photos they want to highlight. A  Facebook page has been set up, entitled 'Hello! Pro Ki ni Ittara Share'. (H!P Share it if you like it).

Here's a selection of what piqued my interest. As the page says, if you like any of these photos, then 'Like' and 'Share' them on Facebook. Links are in the first line below the photo, the post titles.

If you missed them - Part I (12, 19 & 26 July)Part II (27 July)Part III (2 Aug), Part IV (3 Aug), Part V (9 & 16 Aug)

Photograph from ℃-ute Yajima Maimi
The 1st photo has already been uploaded on the Facebook page
It's Berryz Kobo's Kumai-chan with the Eiffel Tower。
Kumai-chan said 「The Eiffel Tower is a tough challenger」、
But 『Kumai-chan、 you've beat the Eiffel Tower』
This photograph that has come to light serves as evidence。
That is the 2nd photo。
As you can see、 she has the Eiffel Tower contained within the palms of her hands。

Photograph from Morning Musume。’14 Sayashi Riho
My treasure is this special bath poster、
That I got from when Morning Musume。’14's Fukumura Mizuki-chan appeared on the cover of a magazine。
You can grasp her marshmallow skin by looking at this photo!
Getting to touch the skin of the original、Fuku-chan herself
Is a special right accorded only to me。
I'm not going to hand it over to anyone (lol)

Photograph from Juice=Juice Miyamoto Karin
Causing trouble in all sorts of places, Takagi Sayuki。
In the 1st photo, the floor of the dressing room was cool and it felt good
She lied down on it、 and fell asleep just like that。
It really was a bother when we had to enter or leave the dressing room and avoid the sleeping Takagi。
The 2nd was taken when Kanazawa was fixing up her hair、
And she was using the wind from the electric fan to get in the way。
Watching from the corner、 it really was troublesome!!
However、 as Juice=Juice's mood maker, she's indispensable ~。

Photograph from Morning Musume。’14 Iikubo Haruna
The other day、 I went out with S/mileage's Wada Ayaka-chan to Kichijoji
The photo comes from when we dropped by a cat cafe on that day。
After the cat cafe、 we watched a movie、we went to Inokashira Park、 we went for reflexology、
And、 having had our fill of Kichijoji、 we parted ways。
Looking it up on the 'Net after that、 the route that we had taken
Was written down as a “recommended date course”
The lovey-dovey ♡ 2 of us had spontaneously followed that recommended course。

Photograph from Berryz Kobo Sugaya Risako
This incident happened at a hotel that we were staying at during a Hello! Con、 about 3 years ago。
On that day、 Captain Shimizu Saki and Natsuyaki Miyabi were sharing the same room、
We were having a girl's talk together and tired out、
And we all fell asleep・・・。
The next day、 when I checked the photos folder of my smartphone、
I don't remember taking this picture・・・。
Even when I checked with the other 2, they said 「We didn't take it」・・・。
Eh? Then、 who took it??

Photograph from ℃-ute Nakajima Saki
When ℃-ute went to Hawaii last year、
Everyone rode on a banana boat
But everyone was thrown off in one go。
The photo is of the moment when we were being thrown off。
Once we had fallen off、 everyone's swimsuits came off。
Photos of that・・・ I'm sorry to say, there aren't any (lol)

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  1. RIho admitted it (she was looking for Fuku-chan) :lol: and Harunan-Ayacho relationship is really romantic..