Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Momochi's Consultation in Kosaka Daimao no Idol Club

For the month of June, Momo appeared on the radio show, 'Kosaka Daimao no Idol Club', as a guest lecturer.
Her role: To respond to the worries of girls from various idol groups that would appear on the show.

'Please teach us Momochi-senpai! The idol earnest consultation room'

Guests: Sanmyu~
Kinoshita Ayana & Yamauchi Haruka

[Ayana's earnest consultation]
I break things, or lose things too often
So in that case, how should I make everyone forgive me?

⇒ Momochi-sensei's reply
In those times, settle it with a 'Yurushite-nyan' 

[Haruna's earnest consultation]
I have no idea where the idol on-off switch is located.
Where is this idol switch?

⇒ Momochi-sensei's reply

If you put in some spirit with a 'Ho!', it'll be all right!

Guests: Idoling!!!
Ito Yuna & Ishida Karen

[Yuuna's earnest consultation]
How is it that your hairdo doesn't come undone even when you're tsukkomi-ed by entertainers?

 Momochi-sensei's reply

With dreams and hopes and... stiffening it with a bit of Cape hairspray.
Just for the record, it doesn't come undone even when I get on a roller coaster,
And it doesn't come undone even when it absorbs the moisture of the rainy season

[Karen's earnest consultation]
How does one appear idol-like if their voice is hoarse?

 Momochi-sensei's reply

Bringing your hands close to your face makes you appear idol-like!
If you're concious of your forehead or your cheeks, the tip I can give is to bring your hands there.

Guests: Weather Girls
Esse & NueNue

[Hijon's earnest consultation]
I'm dieting, but I don't want to give up sweets.
What should I do?

 Momochi-sensei's reply
The advice from Momochi, currently at the peak of chubbiness
Become fatter, then we can become buddies!

[Esse's earnest consultation]
What can we do make live performances even more of a blast?

 Momochi-sensei's reply
Obviously you should enjoy yourself, but the most important thing
Is that the people who have come go back home having enjoyed themselves!
In order to do that, at the exit of the venue, have the staff-san standing there
Check out the faces of the concert-goers.

Guests: Babyraids
Hayashi Manatsu & Watanabe Rio

[Manatsu's earnest consultation]
How do you take care of your throat?

 Momochi-sensei's reply
In the summer, you can't sleep with the air-conditioning on!
Having an electric fan near your face can also hurt your throat, so have the wind blow at your feet!
If you make too much weird voices, it could hurt your throat in the near future, so you need to pay heed to that!
By the way, this is Momochi's natural voice, so it'll be okay.

[Rioton's earnest consultation]
Please tell me a method of waking up in the mornings, so that I won't be late for work!

 Momochi-sensei's reply
Wouldn't it be all right
If you use an alarm app that won't stop ringing unless you shake your smartphone?

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  1. I love that she's become such a big name that she's become the new "standard" for cutesy-idols in a way. And I see what Yamauchi Haruka tried to do there lolol