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H!P Summer 2014 KOREZO: Share it if you like it (Part V - 9 & 16 Aug)

For the KOREZO! performances held during the current Hello! Con (Summer 2014), there's a corner where the girls can bring up photos they want to highlight. A  Facebook page has been set up, entitled 'Hello! Pro Ki ni Ittara Share'. (H!P Share it if you like it).

Here's a selection of what piqued my interest. As the page says, if you like any of these photos, then 'Like' and 'Share' them on Facebook. Links are in the first line below the photo, the post titles.

If you missed them - Part I (12, 19 & 26 July)Part II (27 July)Part III (2 Aug), Part IV (3 Aug)

Photograph from S/mileage Takeuchi Akari
Seeing her writing at events and in her comments that accompany her bromides, people often say that her 「handwriting is bad」
But in truth、 calligraphy is a skill that she's studied since she was in primary school until now、 where she holds an adult 1st-dan。
This photo shows her ability。
The words 「Tennyo Rakka Mai (天女落下舞)」、 have a meaning of 「An angel dancing as if she was a scattering flower」。


Photograph from ℃-ute Okai Chisato
I've got a teeth fetish、 so I've taken close-ups of the “teeth” of various members。
Firstly is Hello! Pro Kenshuusei Makino-chan。Seeing her pretty, well-ordered teeth, I immediately had to take a photo。
Continuing on, ℃-ute's Suzuki Airi。 Rather than taking it from the front、 I think that this side angle was the best。
3rd is Berryz Kobo's Sugaya Risako。 Chestnut-like eyes and short bangs、 and without gaps in her teeth。 I want to use this as a standby photo。
Last is ℃-ute's Hagiwara Mai。 This is NO.1 for me。 It makes me so jealous every time I see those teeth。 Looking at them makes me want to brush them。

Photograph from Berryz Kobo Natsuyaki Miyabi
Her collection of figures of her favourite characters。
She started getting into it from a while back、 and it ended up like this after she bought them little by little・・・。
It's a glimpse of a small part of her room、
But beyond that・・・ We leave it to your imaginations。

Photograph from Berryz Kobo Shimizu Saki
When she went to the land of dreams、
She just happened to meet “Momochi” and took a photo in spite of herself。
Only a single one is captured in this photograph、
But there were dozens of “Momochi” playing the drums。
Compared to the genuine Momochi、 they have lovely smiles that come from the heart。

Photograph from S/mileage Katsuta Rina
When she was intending to have a meal、 she took out disposable chopsticks from her bag、
And there was only a single chopstick・・・。
This photo was taken right at that moment。
She was obviously unable to eat with a single chopstick、
Despite her not intending for her energy conservation to go to that extent・・・。

Photograph from Morning Musume。’14 Kudo Haruka
I was 4 in the top portion of the photo、 and I'm 14 years old below。
When the 10th gen members went to hang out at the land of dreams、
My mother sent me a photo from when I went to the land of dreams、 when I was 4 years old。
Then an idea hit me、  and with the help of the other 10th gen members、
I tried re-enacting the photo of my 4 year old self。
This is how I've become after 10 years。
I've grown old~(lol)

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