Sunday, 24 August 2014

Hardboiled Night

With a series of 5 concerts at Akasaka Blitz - one every month, starting in July and ending in November - Tokyo Girls' Style are tying their performances together to make up 'Hardboiled Night'.

The performances are strung together with a film noir story. The story advances with videos, mixed in with the girls performances throughout the concert, covering one episode per performance. Also, at each performance, a new song will be unveiled.

A summary of the story from the first night was posted to their channel the day before the 2nd performance. Let's run through the story, shall we?

Summary of Hardboiled Night 
'#1 The Narrows
City of Angels and Crime'

We start at the bar 'Narrows', where we meet barmistress Ayano 

And the bar's popular singer 'Narrows' Angel'.

Private eye Hitomi, who's investigating the bar, praises Mei for her singing. 

P.I. Hitomi had been tasked with the search for the young daughter of a certain corporation, 'Angela', who disappeared a year ago. 

Even the mafia were searching for 'Angela' (to be referred to hereafter 'the angel'). 
Mafia member Miyu tells Hitomi that her search would be futile. 
But she notes that a girl suddenly appeared in the city a year ago.

Scene jumps to Hitomi talking to Mei, who says that she's been singing there for 2 years.
Mei: You've got the wrong angel
Cut to bouncer Yuri warning Hitomi - 'If you were to know, the angel would die'

Hitomi talking to Miyu: 'On the 13th of July a year ago, you and someone from the family died'

Mei apologising to Ayano: 'Sorry, it's my fault'

Then we see a mafia shootout, where Miyu declares that she won't hand over the angel.
And sprays bullets.

Revolving around the angel
Blood starts to flow around the city


That was fun. Hoping that we'll get the whole, full version once they're done with the concert series.

Babymetal had something similar for their Legend I,D,Z concert series, building up their legend at consecutive performances. I'm more partial to Babymetal's, but I do have biases in regards to that. Comparing any idol group to Babymetal is a tall order, but I do hold Joshiryu around that standard.

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