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The New Tsugunaga Constitution: Articles 11 - 20

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 ル ’ー’リ やったぁー!モモ、天才~☆ミ。
New Tsugunaga Constitution Article 11
'If you manage to split disposable wooden chopsticks cleanly, be delighted.'
ル ’ー’リ Yes! Momo is a genius~☆ミ.

 ル ’ー’リ 三名様でお待ちの神様~。
New Tsugunaga Constitution Article 12
'Write your name down as 'God' in the restaurant waiting list.'
ル ’ー’リ Table for three for God~.

 ル ’ー’リ あーした天気になーれ。
New Tsugunaga Constitution Article 13
'If you make a TeruTeru Boozu, hang them up with a clothes hanger.'
ル ’ー’リ Make the weather good tomorrow.

 ル ’ー’リ だって、29(ツグ)だもん。
New Tsugunaga Constitution Article 14
'If you come across a shooting star, say out your wish 29 times.'
ル ’ー’リ Well, because it's twenty-nine (Tsu-Gu)

  ル ’ー’リ あ゛~、嗣永桃子でーす。
New Tsugunaga Constitution Article 15
'If you're standing in front of an electric fan, talk into it.'
ル ’ー’リ  Aa゛~、This is Tsugunaga Momoko

  ル ’ー’リ モモの口は小さいんです。
New Tsugunaga Constitution Article 16
'Do not bite into corn, instead eat it one kernel at a time".'
ル ’ー’リ Momo's mouth is small

New Tsugunaga Constitution Article 17
'With shaved ice, start by putting the syrup on the bottom, then filling it up with the ice.'
ル ’ー’リ Put it from the top too

 ル ’ー’リ サザエさんじゃんけんで練習しよう。
New Tsugunaga Constitution Article 18
'When playing JanKen at a festival to win Anzu Ame (candied apricots), find out the habits of the person at the store before challenging them.'
ル ’ー’リ  I'll practice Jan Ken with Sazae-san.
{Note: At the end of each episode of the Sazae-san anime, viewers can play janken with the titular character.}

 ル ’ー’リ ピンクは桃のだから取っちゃ駄目。
New Tsugunaga Constitution Article 19
'For coloured soumen, pink is the most important.'
ル ’ー’リ  Pink is Momo's, so you can't pick it.

 ル ’ー’リ 掻いちゃ駄目。
New Tsugunaga Constitution Article 20
'You know you shouldn't scratch when you get bit by a mosquito, but when you accidentally do scratch, put a band-aid on it.'
ル ’ー’リ  Don't scratch.

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