Monday, 18 August 2014

H!P Summer 2014 KOREZO: Share it if you like it (Part IV - 3 Aug)

For the KOREZO! performances held during the current Hello! Con (Summer 2014), there's a corner where the girls can bring up photos they want to highlight. A  Facebook page has been set up, entitled 'Hello! Pro Ki ni Ittara Share'. (H!P Share it if you like it).

Here's a selection of what piqued my interest. As the page says, if you like any of these photos, then 'Like' and 'Share' them on Facebook. Links are in the first line below the photo, the post titles.

If you missed them - Part I (12, 19 & 26 July)Part II (27 July)Part III (2 Aug)

【KOREZO!Takagi Sayuki】
Photograph from Juice=juice Miyazaki Yuka
Taken on an aeroplane、 this photo shows Takagi Sayuki messing around with the children sitting in the seats in front of her、 wanting to befriend them。
She was getting no response to her questions、  and this was taken just as she was trying to lure them in with a banana-shaped pouch。
She couldn't befriend them in the end、 but on the return flight, a child picked up some 「sweets」 she dropped、 and they were happy when they were told 「You can have them!」。
Miyazaki's statement:「Such a happy child」。

【KOREZO! My bookshelves】
Photograph from Berryz Kobo Sudo Maasa
With about 800 volumes of manga at her home、 her shelves are packed full。
The photo shows the current situation、 where books are even stored atop a desk。
A considerable amount of those 800 volumes are made up of mostly shoujo manga。
Since the amount only looks to increase further、 we recommended she purchase some bookshelves soon。

【KOREZO!France VS  Japan】
Photograph from Berryz Kobo  Kumai Yurina
When Berryz Kobo ・℃-ute went to France、
It seemed that a fan from there referred to her as 「Sky Tree!」at the handshake event、  so 「In that case!」, this photo has her having a showdown with France's representative。
A showdown between the Sky Tree of the idol world versus the Eiffel Tower itself。
The result was a draw・・・ It seems that they're looking forward to a rematch。
By the way、 Kumai-san is the one in front。

【KOREZO!One day in Morning Musume。’14's dressing room】
Photograph Morning Musume。‘14 Michishige Sayumi
This photo is just the scenery of a day in Morning Musume。‘14's dressing room。
Iikubo is tidying up the chairs、 Sato and Oda are playing with an ipad、
Lying horizontally is Suzuki, down due to 「Her tummy being way too empty」。
On the table in the forefront, Fukumura's photo books are piled up…
This kind of photo。
In all sorts of ways、 it's a photo that's filled with the experience of an ordinary day for Morning Musume。’14。

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