Sunday, 3 August 2014

Twitter Tidbits #4: Berryz Hiatus Edition

This first one isn't exactly from Twitter, but it's succinct and relevant enough to sneak in here.

Extract from Sanspo newspaper:

[Berryz Kobo] went to inform ℃-ute directly in their dressing room.
Both groups were born of and split from the Hello! Project Kids, where they were brought together through an audition as 'younger sisters' for MoMusu., so there were strong bonds between them.
Crying together with them, ℃-ute leader Yajima Maimi (22) acknowledged that 'We were always together from when we were small, so all sorts of things came back to me. Since this is their decision, we too wish to support them.'

As always, Mano Erina's first thoughts sum up the general mood. Even to the last line, at least for me.
As my work in Osaka came to an end
My eyes went over the words being mentioned on my timeline, and I started brimming over with emotions  (T_T)

It was just too unexpected、my mind’s in a mess。

One more presence that I looked up to from when I was gunning for this world, will no longer be around。

I want to meet Momo-chan。

Just like us fans, HKT48's Sashihara Rino wanted to find out more upon hearing the first tidbits of the news:
Is the Berryz thing serious, like what's up, someone please tell me

And even after the official announcements had come out, still remained sceptical:
Since I don't really know what's going with Berryz yet, I won't write anything yet

Some like Hashimoto Aina, a member of the Possible, accepted it better:

My beloved senpai Berryz Kobo-san、 To go on hiatus、 it was surprising and I'm really feeling sad、、 but there's still some time to go。 I'd like to deal with it by being thankful once again、 that I had the chance to stand on stage with them。They are wonderful senpais that I truly respect。

Of course, there are potentials for misunderstandings. Someone actually dug out a tweet from Tsunku♂, circa June:

@tsunkuboy:  At this time there's something I'd like to say, but I'm also happy not saying it。 (Tweeted 23rd June)
 @mee_tmk:  Was it about this……
@tsunkuboy:  That's not it。 It's nothing to do with the Hello! family。

Also on the topic of misunderstandings, Jicchan has translated a post where Kudou Haruka mentioned that there might be good news coming up the day before the announcement

Now excuse me while I try to get to terms with my feelings.


  1. I'm sad and glad.. I always like Berryz.. They gone out as themselves.. I've seen idols who would do gravure things to stay in the business.. I mean.. Look at C-ute.. Come on.. Pole dancing..

    Berryz stayed to true to themselves.. At least that's what I think.. Maybe the management told them to do those things as well.. Be more provocative or you won't making it in the business today.. Maybe the members refused or were reluctant.. So yeah.. They chosen hiatus..

    So my head cannon is.. They entered the idol world as Berryz and left as Berryz.. Always will..

    1. I'm not the biggest fan of C-ute, and I understand the whole Berryz vs C-ute thing some fans like to associate themselves with, but bringing down C-ute like that is not cool. I'm sure your beloved Berryz would love to see you talk shit about their fellow H!P kids that they grew up with over the past 10+ years.

    2. Well, I'm a fan of C-ute. I would say I like C-ute than Berryz.. Until a few years ago I guess, when Momochi pop out. But yeah, that's what I see. C-ute and S/mileage.. Both went toward gravure these days.. Pole dancing and c/leavage.. For what purpose really they went in that direction? This is a competitive business industries and it is supported by a legion of male fanbase.. Most are single.. So yeah what more could they do to make the them stick around.

      Sure, the Kids might not like what I've said after all it's their own decisions of what they do in their life and in their careers. Who am I to say they made the wrong decision but then again I never said it was the wrong decision to make. Just as a fan who followed them after all these years.. It's sad to see them go in that direction..