Saturday, 9 August 2014

Berryz' Post-Announcement Thoughts

Hello! Project Station #78 covers Berryz Kobo's hiatus announcement, as well as a post-announcement message directly after the concert where they made the announcement. Haro Wota has translated the announcement, which appears at the very beginning of the video. I'll be focusing on the post-announcement message, which starts about 7:59.

Momo starts off basically summarising the announcement, then breathes out a sigh of relief.
The girls note that it was nice to have made the announcement at Nakano Sun Plaza, where they were first introduced to the world 10 years ago.

Discussing how nervous they were, Captain recounts:
Captain: I'm known to be a crybaby. Before the announcement, Momo was stressing that I shouldn't cry, that everyone'd would be pulled along if I started. Yet as nervous as I was, I said everything without crying.
Momo: That was great.
Captain: Then we had Miya and Kumai-chan. Riisa got struck by emotion, and stalled for a bit.
Momo: That was all right. (Risako apologises) You kept your head up.
Captain: But then, Tsugunaga-san! You really broke down. That was a surprise.
Momo: Well, it surprised me too. It's been a while since I've cried.
Miya: It's a good thing, you aren't a robot after all.
Momo: Looks like I've got a human heart.
Momo notes that they'd want to look their best in such a historic video. Risako points out that Momo'd probably be the one who came out worst off.

Momo notes that when Risako paused, she noticed that beside her, Chii had turned on the waterworks. Since Chii doesn't usually cry either, that had Momo dumbstruck. Chii informs them that to build up her spirit, she got up from a bow with a 'Haaah!'. This had Maasa worried if Chii was hyperventilating.
Yurina: I may have slipped up at the announcement. so please edit that.
Momo: That was live you know. After 10 years, we shouldn't have to resort to those kind of techniques (laughs).
Captain wraps up, thanking the fans for their support, and hoping it'll continue until the spring of next year.

Bonus: Opening MC segment with Captain and Harunan
Harunan mentions that MM.'14 were stunned when they heard the news before the pre-concert rehearsal. She thought back to when she first joined, she was warned about Berryz Kobo being scary. But after talking, she thought of them as kind onee-sans. Captain notes that they hardly ever have chances to work together outside the twice-yearly annual Hello! Cons.

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