Friday, 3 January 2014

PonPon backbiting

「Hello! Pro Maruwakari BOOK」 2014 WINTER 
Q8. My secrets、 one slipped out
Ikuta Erina
Actually、I can normally play「Natsumatsuri」 on Taiko no Tatsujin at Oni (diifculty)。At best、  I  won’t even make a mistake。But I’ve never said it in front of Mizuki。 After all, taking over someone’s special skill isn’t good、but when a member announces her special skill、even though I want to say that I can do it too, I have to refrain from saying it。 I think that I want to let them show of their skill。 
Q9. Please! Fix this
Fukumura Mizuki
Ikuta Erina It’s okay to burst in noisily while we’re in the middle of a photography session、but please be more aware of it when we aren’t in a photoshoot。 Since you’ve really got some show-offy parts to you、 please respect that we’re really trying to display ourselves naturally in the middle of taking a single cut during the photoshoot。 But once the photoshoot has ended you can go back to your boisterous ways。 I guess I’ve already said what I couldn’t(lol)。

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