Saturday, 18 January 2014

Berryz Kobo Tsugunaga Momoko Puri Puri Princess October 20th (236th episode) Broadcast Postscript

Berryz Kobo Tsugunaga Momoko no Puri Puri Princess (2013/10/28 10:00 pm)

After two and a half months we've come back to this special project.
"Sunday Miracle Countdown Momochi"
We reported on the ranking of Berryz Kobo's songs that you'd start humming upon entering the bath.
We received letters from all you Otomomochi who had decided on their 1st to 3rd place choices,
We tallied the points as follows 1st place...3 points, 2nd place... 2 points, 3rd place... 1 point
And announced the results.

The results are as follows!

1st「Loving you Too much」
2nd「cha cha SING」
3rd「Momochi! Yurushite-nyan Taisou」
4th「Gag 100kai bun Aishite Kudasai」
5th「Maji Bomber!!」
6th「ROCK Erotic」
7th「Tsukiatteru no ni Kataomoi」
8th「Kokuhaku no Funsui Hiroba」
10th「Shining Power」

For such a loose theme, it was unexpectedly exciting.
There were people saying on Twitter "Setting aside the rankings, it would be fun to hear about stories behind the songs", but there were a lot of people looking forward to it!
Since this ranking was before this new song had gone on sale, the earnestly desired Yurushite-nyan Taisou entered the top 3, with 3 songs in the ranking from the CD, it was an interesting ranking.

From now on we'll be getting on with deciding themes for the ranking.
Please make sure to vote from now on too!


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