Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Airi - because my writing is bad I applied to U-Can

{Note: U-Can is a correspondence school, I believe. I'm guessing that it's expensive based on how the girls are reacting)
{Note2: I also checked out some of the advertisements. Apparently Yokoyama Yui from AKB passed a U-Can course. I also saw an advertisement for a pen, but the girls are definitely talking about an application}

Momo: Is there anything you have yet to do this year?
Airi: Entering university, for the first time in my life, I was told by some friends that my writing is bad.
Momo + Miya: Eh? Really?
Airi: That really gave me a shock. But obviously, up until highschool you mainly write with mechanical pencils, right? Relatively? Or pencils
Airi: But since I've had to write more with a ballpen, and I'm pretty bad with ballpens
Airi: So, even now I'm still using mechanical pencils. Being told that my writing with a ballpoint was bad gave me quite a bit of a shock
Airi: And you know, 3 people said that. And everyone who told me that had really nice writing
Momo: Did their writing look like they studied penmanship?
Airi: That's right, I was thinking that it would be great if I could become an adult who write skilfully
Airi: I applied for U-Can
Miya: Eeeeeeeeeeh
Momo: Ooooooooooh
Airi: I applied for U-Can's ballpen writing course
Momo: To that extent?
Miya: Eh! Isn't that amazing?
Momo: You were that shocked! Is your pride that great?
Miya: So great lol
Momo: It can't be that bad
Miya: It's definitely nice
Airi: When only one person said that to me, I was like "so there are people like that, it's alright"
Miya + Momo: Yup yup
Airi: But being told that by three people, wouldn't that shock you?
Momo: Yeah, but Airi, it isn't all about how it looks right, your writing
Miya: Yup
Momo: Isn't that a bit too prideful?
Airi: But I stopped at (applying for) a cursive writing course
Momo + Miya: Yup
Airi: Because a friend asked me to do it together...I was requested
Momo: Eh
Miya: He
Airi: She went Hajimete no U-Can! Hajimete no U-Can {The first U-Can: Guessing that this is U-Can's tagline}
Momo + Miya: I see
Airi: Well, I don't know
Momo: You were thinking that if you could do it you might as well
Airi: No, no, I applied but... it hasn't been delivered yet
Airi: So, when it gets delivered, I think I'll try it out *mumble mumble*
Momo: Well that's alright
Miya: Yup
Momo: We'll support you
Miya: Amazing
Momo: We'll support you, but you know, if you say that your writing is bad, then our writing is unreadable
Miya: That's dangerous. Let's end this
Momo:  It's a sign, a sign lol
Miya: A sign lol Definitely lol
Airi: Thats not the case
Airi: It's just, for my enjoyment
Miya + Momo: Amazing
Miya: Such motivation
Airi: Hajimete no U-Can
Momo: Well for me, when I had to do my practical teacher training last year
Momo: I'd have to write on the blackboard in front of all these kids right?
Miya: Ah, that would be the case, right, right
Momo: So, my bad writing habits, I thought that I need to fix it
Momo: So, of course I thought I'd try U-Can
Momo: But in the end it was different, I thought that it wouldn't be good to rely on U-Can, I bought a notebook with the 100 most common  kanji and practiced with that
Airi: How admirable
Momo: That was what I started with. U-Can is a bit...
Miya: A-ha lol
Momo: That was a sly a-ha
Miya: Right?
Airi: Of course that was good
Momo: But it's amazing isn't it? That motivation, the desire to improve
Miya: Amazing, we'll support you
Momo: We have to learn from you
Airi: But I don't know if I'll continue. Since I'm not the type who can maintain a joutnal
Momo: You'll continue, you'll continue
Miya: Continue! Continue!

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