Monday, 16 December 2013

Juice=Juice in Asahi Shinbun

Source: Asahi Shinbun

Karin: Juice=Juice has had a lot of mature songs, but among all them Ijiwaru Shinaide Dakishimeteyo feels the most mature. There are lots of falsetto parts, and we were insecure when it came to the falsetto parts during the recording, and we were left wondering nervously whether our singing was any good due to the difficulty. Especially just before having to sing the part that goes "Onegai", In my head I'm like "what should I do, what should I do?" and my heart beats hard. But recently I've been pretty successful. And the lyrics are quite sexy. Since I'm the youngest, I'm pushing myself to the limits when it comes to singing.

Sayuki: I love this song. The songs up to now have been mature, and when I'm singing I pay attention to keeping up a feminine expression on my face, but this time the facial expressions are very difficult. When I think I'm putting on a composed expression I seem to look mad, but having said that even smiling pleasantly is different. I had to deal with the music video shooting while thinking about a lot of things.

Yuka: For Hajimete wo Keikenchuu, Juice=Juice has had lots of cool songs,  but this is the first cute one. Up to now we've always been concious of "being cool, being cool" , but this time it's cute, generally speaking. There's no feeling of restraining our voices, we sing directly with our natural voices, and to that extent, we were able to fill the lyrics with emotion. We'd like you to pay attention to the nuance of the speech-like lines at the end of the song.

Tomoko: For the music video there weren't many dance scenes, there were a lot of scenes where we were acting out. It was fun getting to act in such a way for the first time, but it did feel a bit embarrassing. But, since we had to do it with confidence, we tried our best. The colour of everyone's image fruits were used as the basis for the rooms in the shooting, so all the rooms were cute.

Akari: When we start singing Hajimete wo Keikenchuu at live performances,  at the beginning I stand in the centre and do a bit of air guitar. Since everyone else is sitting, I was really nervous standing alone and facing the audience. I wondered if for our usual centre Karin-chan, does she always sing and dance every time under such strain?

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