Friday, 20 December 2013

Pulling pranks on Momochi

 Moshimo no Dokkiri 131124 

So, the name of the game is to pull one over Momo - they're trying to see if she'll drop her character.

First up, they put her through an interview. They start off with simple questions, and start heading off to more difficult questions to see how she'll cope

What the most interesting show you've been on? - I've got 100% confidence in my face. My own potential scares me
We'd like to know about the true Momochi, how are you normally? - I've always been like this
Are you worried about being criticised by the world? - The people who say that are just jealous
Which entertainer is difficult to get along with? - Kasuga-san from Oodori (one of the people listening in). We've got too many similar points, for example the image colour for both of us is pink
The sales tax increase - Can't do anything because it's for the country. As a student, I don't really have Okanemomochi (money)
What to do to stop wars in the world - Maybe if Momochi says Yurushite-nyan

You'd expect nothing less from Tsugunaga Pro.

Next segment, when Momo goes to introduce herself with her Momochi board to the more senior entertainers, one of them will get mad at her.
The first one she meets responds normally.
At the second one, she drops by as the guy 'happens' to be shirtless.
He looks at the board and is like 'WTF is that? Couldn't you greet us more properly"
Her Yurushite-nyan makes him appear even more pissed, and she freezes up while he starts lecturing her.
Aw~ poor Momo.
He makes her promise to stop using her board when she goes to introduce herself to the last group of senior entertainers. Even her manager steps in to apologise for her.
He does get worried and peeks on her while she's discussing what to do with her manager.

She does still end up using the board - and the 'enraged' comedian pops out.

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