Thursday, 12 December 2013

Tsunku or something

Above is MaiMai's famous statement, "つんく♂とか来て楽しかった". This would be the video played just before they were announced as the Hello! Project Kids.
I usually translate it as "Tsunku♂ or something came and it was fun".
 The phrase is notable mainly because of the lack of honorific  (i.e. 'Tsunku♂-san' or 'Tsunku♂-producer'), and the 'or something' part, which makes it sound even ruder.

For some reason, I always thought that that was the standard translation.
Googling didn't get me much results, though I believe I was influenced by this translation by Hello! Project World (see #382).
I ended up finding this 2ch log, where they start trying to translate that phrase:
There's quite a fair amount of English, and as one would expect, it veers off in quite a random direction, so enjoy!

As for me, I'll probably stick to 'Tsunku♂ or something'. It was fun :)

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