Hello! Project Blog Relay 2014

In the run-up to the 2014 HinaFes, Michishige Sayumi started a blog relay - a member would be nominated to write on a given topic on their blog, and in the post where they write about the topic, they would nominate another Hello! Pro member to answer the same topic.
The topic was 'Something that moved you (emotionally) recently'.
Collected below are translations of the blog posts, in chronological sequence.

Something that moved her recently
Michishige SayumiSetting her bangs, the Japanese representatives at the Sochi Olumpics
Nakanishi KanaThe warmth of her hometown, Osaka
Okai Chisato (note: directly lifted off blog!project)Berryz 10th year anniversary
Natsuyaki MiyabiBerryz 10th year anniversary, the 10th year anniversary cake, her Budokan solo
Miyazaki YukaH!P Kenshuusei dancing to J=J songs
Ikuta ErinaHer lines in the au commercial
Shimizu SakiBerryz 10th anniversary
Iikubo HarunaBuying reasonably priced clothes
Hagiwara MaiHer friends and their great dreams
Tokunaga ChinamiHer mother's hand made bento
Oda SakuraShooting the au commercial with the fans
Tsugunaga MomokoHaving her birthday celebrated by lots of people
Tamura MeimiWatching Shiki Theatre Company's 'Wicked' performance
Nakajima SakiThe growth of her Jurin can
Takeuchi AkariMoved to tears by dramas
Ishida AyumiThe white day cakes from the manager
Sugaya RisakoBerryz 10th anniversary
Fukumura MizukiThe comments she received when she was hit by the flu
Sudo MaasaE-mail from Fuku-chan mentioning that she loved Berryz
Uemura AkariGoing through the graduation writings of her classmates
Katsuta RinaAutograph cards and letters from friends at her graduation ceremony
Sato MasakiMeeting up with Tanasa-tan
Takagi SayukiHer sister's graduation from primary school
Kumai YurinaReading the book 'Dakishimete'
Kudo HarukaFormation of Satoyama unit 'Triplet'
Miyamoto KarinAnnouncement of J=J independent tour
Fukuda KanonHer birthday
Yajima MaimiThe votives left at the shrine she had made a bicycle pilgrimage to
Kanazawa TomokoAnnouncement of J=J independent tour
Suzuki AiriAttaining a daily 1st
Suzuki KanonHaving a reunion with her middle school friends
Wada AyakaPublishing her book
Sayashi RihoCelebrating her junior high graduation with lots of people

I also did a concluding post after I was done with the series. It contains the above list, plus some observations I made on their answers.

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