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Momcohi no Kimochi: Covers, Introduction, and Contents

{'Momochi no Kimochi' is Tsugunaga Momoko's first photo essay book. 
I haven't found scans of this online, so you'll have to make do with shots taken through my mobile phone. For the poor quality - Yurushite-nyan ♥}

Momochi no Kimochi - Momochi's Feelings
'These pages are filled with Momochi, so......
Yurushite-nyan ♪
A regular on variety programmes, everything about the cutest (?) idol in Japan
Tsugunaga Momoko Her first photo essay book

A discussion with her greatest sympathiser Dan Mitsu-san, a workshop class with the ideal student Suzuki Fuku-kun
Momochi-style 22 (nyan nyan) free topics
Her début piece (?) as a novelist 'Ai no Mousou Gekijou' (Delusional Theatre of Love)
Get close to everything Momochi 'Kaitai Shinsho' '22 basic rules for an idol'
Special appendix ♥ 'Momochi! Yurushite-nyan♥Taiso'


Along with a Yurushite-nyan♥, it's everyone's idol! Cute as always today, I'm 'Momochi' Tsugunaga Momoko.

My occupation - an eternal idol, my favourite colour is pink, my favourite word is 'Happy', my favourite number is 29, from Tsugunaga. By the way, my weight is equivalent to 29 peaches ♥

But when it comes to the number 29, the problem is that our producer Tsunku♂-san is also associated with 29 (through Tsunku = two-kyu = 29). It's said that 'The 29th of every month is Tsunku♂ day', but I'd like to say, 'No, it's Tsugu (29) day'. Even though I thought that it might be impertinent to compete with our producer, first of all, I was taught that 'Everyone's the same when you're standing on-stage, don't hold back,' by none other than Tsunku♂-san himself. For competing, I think that I'd rather follow that advice. Ah, look at how diligent Momochi is ♥

But whatever we may say, the impression that the 29th is 'Niku no Hi', Meat Day, is overwhelmingly strong. I don't think that should be the winner, honestly. That said, recently my feelings have changed, and I think that 22 is nice. It's 'NyanNyan', and now that I've turned 22, if you look at the wavy form of the number 22 lon~g and har~d, you'll see the Momochi Musubi... Well, of course, it might not seem like it right now. But as you read this book and bask in the abundance of Momochi's essence, I feel that you'll definitely see it, even if you don't want to! And because of that, this book is slightly fixated on '22'.

And with that, please have your fill of the spinning and spinning Momochi world to your heart's content ♪


(Note: Bolded titles are sections on their own. The unbolded titles form the 22 essays by Momoko)
Rice Cooker
Convenience Stores
Sushi janken
Rebellious Age
Otomomochi talk with danmitsu
Ai no Mousou Gekijou
22 basic rules for a Momochi-esque idol
Momochi's open lesson with Fuku Suzuki
The Olympics
April 1st
Tokyo Tower
The illusionary flavour
The comment that changed my fate

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  1. ahh! i didn't know she released an essay book! thanks for this, looks interesting. i would have loved to read the book myself, if only i can understand Japanese xD